Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Patterned paper dilemma

Good morning!! Thank you so much to everyone who commented about my space!! Some of you shared your spaces with me as well, which I encourage!!! I *love* looking at other people's stamp areas, & I love to hear your organization tips as well!! I will probably rearrange things in my space many times before I get it "just right". Someone mentioned possibly rearranging so I could have a corner ~~ unfortunately my computer desk (huge) takes up one corner, & our very necessary second refrigerator takes up the other corner. I'm not complaining ~ when I need a soda I don't need to go far! LOL!! As I mentioned, I bought a few of the cubes at Michael's last week with my (many) 50% off coupons. I also bought a 3 tier shelf from Target, which will mainly be used for my son's art supplies. Ha ~~ I just noticed you can see my cat's head way over on the right ~~ he was supervising!!

I want to know how you all store your patterned paper. I've read just about every thread there is on SCS about this, & there are many different ways of storing & organizing. I'm having a problem with both areas. First, organizing ~ I've read some people organize by company. I don't think I could do it that way, I have about 500 pieces of patterned paper from about 400 different companies, lol! A lot of people do it by color. I've considered this, but then where does the pink paper with brown paisley go?? With the pinks, or with the browns? Or do you have a separate compartment for your favorite combos that you seem to have a lot of??

Second, storage. Here is how I currently have my paper:

Yep, all in one stack. And that's not even all of it, I also have a plastic portable carrier type thing in which I store the paper I will probably never use (read: the paper I bought when I first started stamping & didn't know any better). The stack on this shelf is the paper I use the most. The lovely, chic black shoebox on top is my scraps. All thrown in. Can you guess how often I find what I need in that box?

I would love to know how you all store yours. I've heard about the Cropper Hoppers, the shelves (which I don't have room for), the files.......please share your tips and/or pictures with me!!! This is one area I definitely need your help with!!!


Niki Estes said...

I have way too much patterned paper! I use the cropper hopper paper holders. Although I'm in need of a couple more now. I think I need to purge again. I think organizing all that paper is the curse of the paper crafter! *wink*

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