Tuesday, June 30, 2015

My attempts at fitness

I have never been a runner. I could walk forEVER .... but running just wasn't my thing. Shin splints ..... cramps .... & the fact that I really don't sweat so my face turns purple .... all the things I have to look forward to if I try to run.

In January I joined a gym. However, I was sick 3 times in 2 months, which means I kept having to start over. I've gained 5 pounds since that day I joined. And do NOT tell me it's muscle. This body has nooo muscle.

What do I do at the gym?? Everything. Except the evilliptical. And I haven't tried any of the classes yet, but I will. I walk or run on the treadmill, I bike, I spend about 1/2 hour on the weight machines. Maybe I'm doing it all wrong. Or, maybe I'm just defective. 

I'm not overweight. I'm the one that perpetually needs to lose 10 pounds. Well, now it's 15 because of the 5 the gym made me put on. I just want to be healthy.

When I joined the gym, I bought a Fitbit. I've been trying for the last 1/2 hour to get a screen shot of my dashboard from my phone onto my computer, to no avail. I'm getting irritated. Does irritation burn calories?

Anyway .... between the Fitbit & the gym, & now summer & all the yard work I've been doing, I figure I should be a size -4. Unfortunately I'm still in the positives. Double digits. Ouch. 

So..... this post is about nothing more than my frustration with my journey. I thought I'd lose those 10 pounds and get fit & healthy in the process. Instead, I've gained weight, & still can't run more than 1/2 mile. 

What do you do for your health?? Do you belong to a gym? If so, do you like to mix it up, or do you stick to one or two things?? Classes?? Or, are you one of those who eats 80,943 calories a day & doesn't work out, & is a size 2? If so, please don't comment, just move along to the next blog.

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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sunday already


I'm always sad to see the weekend come to an end. But like death & taxes, Mondays are a sure thing. 

Friday night I was supposed to go to a local festival, but a headache got the better of me. My son went.... which means I still stayed up late waiting for him to come home. The whole driving thing just never gets easier for a mom, does it? 

Saturday was a good day. Got up EARLY {ok, 7 is early for me on a Saturday. I relish my weekends just because I don't have to get up at 5:30 for work. I wish I were a morning person, but I'm just not. Never have been, never will be} to take my son to his baseball practice. After that I went to the gym & worked my butt off {I wish I could work this butt off!} and THEN I came home & mowed our front yard!! There's something about friends that are OLDER than me getting WAY more steps on their Fitbit that really motivates me. I had 11,000 steps in by 2:00, when I had to stop mowing for the day & get ready for a partayyyy.

And I just may have had one or five of these ....

Our neighbors had a grad party for their son. Geez, he was just a wee one when we moved here ... times does go so fast. But it was fun watching all the boys in the neighborhood hang out together .... talking ... playing "volleyball frisbee" (is that a thing?? Or did they make that up??). Nice to see nobody on their phones or ipods, socializing in person, running around & having a great time. They are a great group of kids & I'm proud of the young men they have become. 

And feeding the dog is always fun too ...

Again, even though I came home around 10 because I was exhausted ... I stayed up to wait for my child to come home. He only had to walk about 100 feet, but I was not going to sleep until my little chickadee was home safely. 

And we won't mention what time that was. 

Today was hot & humid .... icky .... I can't do humidity. I was going to finish the lawn but I about melted just running to the garden shop. So I stayed in & caught up on laundry & other various unfun things. 

I am going to watch an episode or 2 of "Breaking Bad" (am I the last to watch this show?) then going to bed early. Must rest up in order to face .... monday .... sigh ...

Elwood says "have a great week!"

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Ha! This week I'm posting Wordless Wednesday ON Wednesday :) 

Oh, you thought Wordless Wednesday meant no words?? You must be new here.

This is my mom's cat, Puddy.

Not Putty, as in Silly Putty. Puddy, as in Seinfeld. 

She adopted him a few years ago from the Humane Society where she volunteers. We think he's part Maine Coon.

Whatever he is, he is very photogenic. I love taking pictures of him! 

Thursday, June 4, 2015

It's not Wednesday, it's Thursday!

Which makes me late for Wordless Wednesday! My bad ...

Moss rose from my garden ..... one of my favorite flowers. Maybe because they remind me of my grandma. She used to grow them all the time & when we first bought our house & I started gardening, this is what she would start indoors for me. 

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Friday, May 29, 2015

A birthday card

Hey look! It turns out I DID make a card :)

It was my niece's birthday last week, & since it was her first since we met I bought her a Target gift card & made a card to put the gift card into. I couldn't just hand her a gift card now, could I? 

I dug deep for this stamp, lol.... I think I bought every Fluffles stamp there ever was & I will never get rid of them. The papers are oooold Basic Grey ... Sugar Rush, I think? Some flowers ... dies ....ribbon .... & I finished the whole thing off with some Glimmer Mist. Nope, it hadn't evaporated hahaaa .... still enough in the bottle to make another card or two :)

I even used Copics! I never really did master the art of using those ... but I figured there wasn't much to color so I was probably safe. 

Ohhhhhh & the fluffly stuff!! Darn it, can't think of what it's called & I'm not walking all the way down to look at the jar lol.  You can also see the Glimmer Mist a bit in this photo. 

I'm actually enjoying making cards for her, she appreciates it so much. Every time I give her one I get a big ole hug. Of course this time I'm sure most of the hug was for the gift card, hahaaa!

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Hope you all have a spectacular weekend!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

~~ A sibling-versary ~~

Hello friends, I hope your Memorial weekend was .... memorable :)

Mine was fun, I spent it with my brother & his family. 

In fact, it was our one year sibling-versary. We met on Memorial Day, last year. I had just learned about him the week before. After 46 years of being an only child .... well, no longer an only. And I couldn't be happier. 

Here's the photo from the day we met. I'll never forget the feeling. 

He's my brother.

365 days later (well, I guess it's now 366) .... we have grown incredibly close. He's married to the sweetest, funniest woman (also adopted!) .... & they have the most adorable girl, who just turned 14 (also adopted!). I love them all. 

I won't tell the whole story again, but if you are interested (since this really only ever happens on tv!!) here is the link to my original post: The Best Memorial Day Ever

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{PS - because it was my niece's birthday last week - I may have made a card. And if I did make a card, I may just show it in my next post. Just sayin'}

Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday randoms

Hello & happy Friday!! Better than a regular Friday .... a 3-day-weekend Friday! 

Here are some little tidbits about my week: 

1:  Today was beautiful. About 70 & sunny. So was yesterday. You know what wasn't beautiful? The 3 days before that, when it was about 45 degrees outside. My son has his final track meet on Monday, & I wore a scarf & mittens. I like winter, but not in May. 

2:   These shoes:

Aren't they adorable?? I looove polka dots. I saw them at Target a couple of weeks ago, but held off buying them. Went in last week .... they were on sale ... & they had ONE PAIR left. My size!! It was fate! 

3:  2 1/2 weeks of school left. I think I'm more excited than the kids! When they don't have school, I can get up an hour later. Right now I have to get up between 5 & 5:30. Ugh. Have I ever mentioned I am NOT a morning person?

4:  I managed to work out 4 times this week. 2 times at the gym, 2 walk/ runs (more walking than running, lol) around the neighborhood. Tomorrow I will be doing  yard work. I must be losing so much weight! 

5:  In the 4 months since I've joined the gym, I've gained 3 pounds. 

How was your week?

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

~ In case you were in doubt that spring has arrived ~

~ Baltimore Oriole ~

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

It's May, right??

Because right now, I have the heat on! And I wore multiple layers to work today. And had my space heater on. I was looking forward to May so I wouldn't have to do any of those things! 

I feel like I've hit a brick wall lately with just about everything in my life. I was so gung ho about getting my house organized these last few months.... & really, I've taken about 25 bags of stuff to Goodwill. But every time I walk by my husband's bedroom, I think "why bother?". He is an honest to goodness hoarder, & no matter how clean & organized the rest of the house is, I still have to look at his hole of a room, our garage that can barely fit one car (it's a 2 car garage) & our shed that looks like Home Depot threw up inside of it. 

I've also been trying really hard to craft at least a little bit. Heck, coloring in a color book would be better than nothing (side note: Did you all SEE these adult coloring books?? When I think of adult books these are NOT what come to mind but they are way cool!). I started another card about 2 weeks ago, & stopped halfway through cutting my colored image. I think I had to leave ... but I haven't gone back to it. I feel like I'm trying to force myself to get back into it. When do I stop doing that? I thought getting my work space organized & purging would really help motivate me. But I feel like I need something that's all mine. Making cards was that thing that was mine. Reading blogs & chatting on Facebook is not a hobby, but that seems to be what I do in my spare time. Oh, & let's not forget Pinterest. Wait ... I think I found the problem ....

And work ... work is good. I go up & down, sometimes I love it & sometimes ... not so much. But I guess we all go through that. I am very lucky to have the job that I have. Heck, I'm lucky to have a job at all! I will be there 5 years in July. Did that time fly or what?? Seems like yesterday I was all jittery about starting my new job! 

Anyhoo, if you read all this, thank you ~~ I didn't mean for this to be a depressing post. Do you go through periods where nothing seems "right"? Blue, but you don't know why?? It's kind of like PMS, but I don't have PMS. Must be that peri-menopause my doctor's been telling me I have for the last 92 years ....

(disclaimer .... it hasn't been 92 years ...)

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day to all!

Hope you all had a fun Mother's Day with your loved ones! My kids & I spent a few hours having lunch with my mom today. Other than that just RELAXED, which is something I don't get to do too often! What did you do for Mother's Day?

Just a few random thoughts & photos on this Sunday night:

*We have one crazy bluebird nesting in our bird house!

This bugger has been perching on Matthew's bedroom window ... & pecking like it wants to come in! We had this same thing happen with some yellow finches a few years ago, but this is the first time a bluebird has done it. The poor thing is going to get a concussion with all the pounding! I taped it, because it's so darn funny, & because I don't think anyone will believe me. I'm not very video smart, so will have to figure out how to post that here.

*Only a few more weeks of school. I can't tell you how happy this makes me! Every year around this time I am so tired of helping with homework & packing lunches & picking up from & taking to activities (although since Matthew got his license, my time in the car has been reduced drastically) & getting up super early because some kids just can't quite get up on their own & need my assistance. And by assistance, I mean yelling.

*I bet Elwood will be happy when school is out too, so this scene can happen more often:

Love how he has his paw crossed :)

*This photo makes me happy on this very ugly, rainy day:

I hope you all have a sunny week! 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Almost May .....

Can't wait!! It can't possible snow anymore in May, right?? 

** Wisconsinites will remember this **

I prefer my May to look more like this: 

In fact, this weekend I will be working hard on my new garden ....starting from scratch so it will take me every weekend for the next month to get it ready ... but it will be sooo worth it. And it's good exercise!! Bonus! 

And I'm so excited that we've decided to go on a vacation next summer. I'll give you one hint as to where we're going :)

Yep, back to Disney World & Universal. My MIL were chatting on Facebook last weekend & decided we needed to go back. Excited to see the expansion of the Harry Potter World (Diagon Alley!!! Or is it Diagonally?? LOL) .... and get through the rest of Epcot (we just couldn't make it to every country last time) .... and THIS time I'm getting me a Dole Whip!! Forgot all about it last time!! Priorities!!

And as luck would have it (since I need to fund this trip), I had someone contact me through Etsy asking me about cards. She used to buy from me a LOT .... but haven't heard from her in a while. Well, maybe because I have 3 whole cards in my store LOL. She said she really needs to stock up & is wondering if I'll be listing more cards in the near future. I told her I wasn't really making cards these days, but that if she really wanted some & was willing to give me the time to make them (like, a year ..... kidding!) then I would make some for her. Otherwise I will sell her the rest of my supplies & she can make her own. You know, teach a person to fish, or something like that.....

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