Monday, February 1, 2016

Whipper Winter Wishes

Say that 3 times fast! 

I hope you all had a great weekend. I actually spent the weekend catching up on laundry & cleaning ... so not fun, but I was sick the week before so it had to be done & apparently my fairies are on strike. 

I did, however, get to finish a card on that I had started before I got sick. Look at me go! How many cards is that this year now?? Two? I think that's more than I made all last year haha

It has been a looooong time since I've been to Creative Pals here in town. The store I affectionately call "the Whipper Snapper store" .... because  ..... well duh. Same person owns both :)  I used to go there so much I became friends with the person who creates ALL the samples in the store. She was using Copics before anybody else had heard of them. We became great friends. Heck, I was there practically every week.

She was there the night I was there. It took her a while to recognize me. She finally did remember that I used to visit the store a lot. Then, as she was getting ready to ring up my stuff, she stopped keying & said ..... get this ....

"I'm sorry, I don't remember your name." 


Sigh .... I guess that's what 4 or 5 years will do. 

 I explained that I was forced to take a break. You know ... like Ross & Rachel. On a break, but not quite completely on a break. I told her I snuck a few in here & there. 

But now my kids are older & I've been really missing it. I've missed all the adorable stamps out there. I wasn't sure what to expect when I walked into Creative Pals. Were there still wood mounted stamps?? Was everything going to be acrylic? Just rubber? 

Happy to report there is still some wood, although they are phasing it out. No matter, the stamps are cute no matter how they are packaged. I picked up one or maybe four new stamps. Oops. Well, I have lots of time to make up for, no? 

I even used my Copics. I can't believe they haven't dried up! The sentiment is one of my favorites & it came from one of those little clear sets Michael's used to carry for $1. Basic Grey papers (soooo sad they won't be making paper anymore, guess I missed that boat) & lots of snowflakes & glitter. Simple card, but I like how sparkle-y it turned out. 

Thanks for bearing with me while I try to get my groove back!! 

Have a great week! 

Monday, January 18, 2016

Sympathy card

Happy Monday peeps, still verrrrry cold here which makes getting out of bed in the wee hours of the morning extra difficult. Especially when you are NOT a morning person {that would be me}.

A co-worker of mine lost her FIL last week. I generally don't make sympathy cards. I suck at them. I like cute, happy cards & always feel like I can't make a simple enough card to qualify as a sympathy card. But, she's the only one I ever make cards for at work so I wanted to give it a shot.

{pardon the shadows LOL.... I was trying to get this photo last night in my makeshift photo box. I really need to get a REAL photo box. Or make a better fake one}

I started by searching sketches online ... I knew I wanted simple & I simply don't DO simple. Found this sketch floating around & thought perfect ... I can just add a flower & make it more sympathy-like.

I think paper is Bazzill dots ... some of my favorite back in the day. I don't even know if they still make it. I really need to get back in the know! 

I think the die is a Sizzix ... I love doilies so thought I'd just get a die instead of buying tons of different colored doilies. Added a bit of sponging & the flowers .... some ribbon (which was really hard because most of my ribbon is still packed away) & the heart charm. 

I was going to put the sentiment on the front, but keeping with the "simple" theme just stamped it on a die cut piece of Kraft paper & added my words of love. 

She loved it. Or, she SAID she did. She's too polite to say otherwise lol .... 

I'm sure I could find some challenges to enter this into, but I am nursing a sore throat & headache so will call it a night. The joys of winter!

Sunday, January 17, 2016


Just in case you were wondering if the stories about Wisconsin in winter are true:

BTW, I am in Waukesha. 

That is all. Enjoy your Sunday! 

Friday, January 15, 2016

What I learned this week

First of all ....


Ok, I could list a LOT of things I learned this week {like .... don't let son park RIGHT in front of your car in the garage, lest he not be able to start his car} but I'm talking paper crafts here. Card making. Stamping. The thing I used to do a lot of but haven't in recent years. 

I had some free time on Monday & made a card. And I enjoyed it. I only was frustrated 8 or 9 times. I felt like I didn't know what I was doing. But I still enjoyed it. Actually, maybe it was the peace & quiet I enjoyed. Regardless, it was fun having time for myself again. 

So here's what I learned: 

1) Everyone was right. Once you are a paper crafter, you are a paper crafter for life. You may give it up for a few weeks or years, but you will always come back to it. I miss it. 

2) A paper crafter can sell 3/4 of her supplies & still have so much that she is overwhelmed trying to find that one "thing" she needs to finish her card.

3) A lot has changed in the last few years. New papers (did you see the gauze paper I used on my card?? Gauze paper!) .... new supplies .... new techniques. I now know nothing about stamping. 

4) I need a new cutter. I have a Tonic, which I love. At least, I loved it until I tried cutting a slab of cork with it. Don't do that. It's now just ok. And I have no idea where I bought it. Heck, they probably don't even make it anymore. But now there are SO MANY cutters out there, I don't know what's good & what's not. 

5) I also need a new Cuttlebug, or something similar. My handle broke. Like, a loooong time ago. When I used it on Monday, I wondered how I dealt with a broken handle for so long. But like the cutter, there are now sooooo many different embosser/ die cutter thingies out there, I have no idea what to buy. I do know it's time to give my Cuttlebug a proper funeral & burial. 

6) It's definitely time to browse the forums on SCS again. The only time I've been there the last few years was to upload my few cards to my gallery. I like to have them all in one place & I love the format of the SCS gallery. So easy to see all my creations at a glance. But the chat boards are awesome too. I learned everything I know knew there. Time to reintroduce myself.

7) Paper crafters are still my favorite people in the world. Well, besides my kids of course. My kids are my favorite people. Most days.

My son & I were discussing redoing the basement so that we each have our separate space. Not that I don't like being practically on top of him when I'm down there. But it would be nice to have my own corner. I took pictures of our basement the other day. Not only am I way too tired right now to load them onto my computer, but I am also a bit embarrassed by the state of affairs down there. It is BAD. The catch all for everything that doesn't have a permanent home. I do have a plan though, & with his help I hope to have it functional & pretty-ish in the next month or so. Paint .... a new futon (the 70's sofa bed has GOT to go) ... some storage .... because now is the time to do it, when it's zero degrees outside & we all just want to hibernate. 

Ok, well I have some searching on Pinterest to do .... hope you all have a great weekend! If you are in the midwest, stay warm!! 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Starting the year off right!

Look!! It's only the middle of January & I made a card! 

Here's how this happened ....

Sunday my son drove me to the clinic in town because I was just not feeling well. When he grabbed his scraper from the back of his car (because it's January & we do live in Wisconsin) the door wouldn't shut all the way. He finally got it to at least stay closed & said "good enough". 

Except, it wasn't. The next morning when he went to warm up his car (because it's January & we do live in Wisconsin) wouldn't start. In fact, it wouldn't do anything. Not even a click. *car fail*

And where do you suppose he parked his car the night before??? Right in front of the garage, in front of my car. So not only would his car not start, but he had my car blocked in. 

My husband leaves super early for work, so he was not able to assist us in charging the battery. So Matthew called one of his friends whom he usually drives to ask if he could possibly drive. His answer .... "I hate driving in the snow" .... well duh. Nobody LIKES driving in the snow. But it's January, & we do live in Wisconsin. So he said "Suck it up, Buttercup" & they were on their way to school. 

But that didn't help me get to work. I had no one I could call, no one who could drive me, so I had to call in sick parked in. It actually worked out well for me. I didn't have to go out in the snow & cold, & I was able to catch up on everything I didn't get done over the weekend because I was sick. 

After 20 minutes of chores I was done. lol .... I was still recuperating so I decided I'd better just relax (self diagnosis)   & thought since no one was home it was the perfect time to try to make a card. I didn't think I'd actually finish one! I'm kinda proud of myself. Even though I don't love it, it felt good to sit down & make something all at one time. In just a few hours. Not months. Hours

PS --- check out the gauze paper! Gauze paper??? New to me! I have missed out on a LOT of fun things!

And I'm even going to enter this in some challenges:

Deep Ocean Challenge Blog ~ something new 

Shopping Our Stash ~ something new

Inky Chicks ~ anything goes

Simon Says Stamp ~ something new (I'm seeing a theme here)

Penny Black ~ anything goes

Have a great week!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Making a Murderer: Part Two

So, did you watch like I told you to?? 

I know some of you did, because I've received emails :)

I'm not going to hold a discussion here or anything like that, but if you still haven't watched .... you are missing an incredibly eye-opening story!

I think everyone knows how I feel about it, but I just wanted to share this little piece. I didn't write this, but I definitely could have. 

"A guy who is a month or two away from a $36 million dollar check gets impatient waiting for all that money and decides to rape and murder a woman that he telephonically arranges to come visit his property in the middle of a weekday in full view of various people coming and going from said property. Once he gets her inside his trailer and commences with said raping, he gets a knock on his door, and answering it, he sees his nephew with the mental capacity of a 9 year old. Rather than saying, "I'm busy", he invites said nephew in to witness, participate in, and eventually confess about all the subsequent rapiness and other crimes that happen. Luckily for him, the nephew does not seem to possess any DNA, since none of it gets anywhere during the entire afternoon and evening. 

Later, after much raping, stabbing, cutting, slitting, etc, that happens without any blood loss, the woman is dragged to the garage where she is shot eleven times, again without any blood loss, and also without making any sound. Later that evening, they burn the woman's body a few yards away from where several people live, without the horrifying and distinctive smell caused by a burning body. 

At some point during this time, the guy and his nephew drive the woman's car (after first taking some of her bloody hair and drawing pictures with it in the back of the vehicle) to what they think is a perfect hiding spot behind 3 or 4 branches, which is located very close to a large and inconvenient car-crusher. They do this without leaving any fingerprints or the tiniest bit of DNA in the car, except for a lot of smeared blood in very obvious spots. 

Three days later the police come asking questions and want to look around inside the trailer. The guy lets them do it, knowing he is safe because all of the raping, stabbing, cutting, slitting, etc, that happened in his carpeted trailer happened without any blood loss. The very next day, this guy leaves for his family's cabin 100 miles away, but decides not to bring the woman's car key, bones, teeth, cell phone, camera, etc. to dispose of far away because he knows he's loved by the Manitowoc police department and they will never suspect him and search his property."

This pretty much sums it up for me. I have heard that a very prominent post-conviction lawyer has agreed to take his case, so we shall see what the future holds for these two. 

Off to watch the documentary a second time ..... yes, seriously!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Binge worthy

So, with 4 days off because of the holiday, I had every intention of trying to make a card. I've gotten as far as picking out the stamp I shall use. That's it. What have I been doing??? Well, aside from the 34 loads of laundry, the meals I had to make & clean up, the Christmas stuff I packed away & the errands I had to run, I've been doing this: 

Have you watched??? Oh my goodness, if you haven't then please do. It is the best documentary I've ever watched in my life. I live in Wisconsin. Not all that far from the county in which this murder took place. I've definitely driven through Manitowoc. I remember the story. I remember thinking "why would a man who was WRONGLY in prison for 18 years murder someone?" I then remember justifying it with "some people who have spent a lot of time in prison miss it when they get out. They can't adjust to living a normal life so they do what it takes to go back". Never did I ever think he was framed. There are 10 1 hour episodes. I'm halfway through #7. I've cursed, yelled, & shaken my head more times while watching .... & I'm not even done. I of course know how it ends. I'm pretty sure I will rewatch the whole thing when I'm done. So many details. So many lies. So many crooked people. Please please PLEASE watch if you haven't. And if you do {or already have} you know where you can find me to discuss :)

Enjoy your Sunday!

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year to all!

Hope you all have a safe & happy New Year!!! 

Monday, December 28, 2015

On to 2016

Wow, didn't I just post yesterday? 2 days in a row! Well, this post happens to be about the things I'm going to work on in the coming year, & I bet you can guess the first one. In fact, I think it was first on my list last year. #bloggingfail

1) I really do want to be more involved in this blog. I feel like I go in spurts. I'll post a lot for a month or two, then life gets busy & I fall behind in everything. Sorry, but my blog usually comes last on my priority list. I'm going to try to schedule posts when I have time. I've never done that. I'm a "I'll write a post when I feel like writing a post" kind of blogger, but I think I need to change my game plan a bit! 

2) Another one I mentioned last year .... more me time. Like, getting a hobby. I know I've mentioned my kids have sort of invaded what was my craft space .... but after some thought I think I'm going to do a bit of rearranging downstairs. Move my stuff so I can still be down there with them, but kind of in my own area. Right now Matthew & I are right on top of each other. In fact, when he Skypes his friends while playing Minecraft, his friends can see me. NOT COOL if I'm in such a state that I would not leave my house, lest I run into someone I know. So .... maybe if I have my own space again ... I can again get creative without worrying about how I look lol. 

3) Finances. We are going to Disney & Universal next July. The first time we went, my in laws paid for everything. When we decided to go again, I said only if WE pay this time. So .... I have just over 6 months to sell a LOT on Ebay, pay off some Credit Card bills & build that vacation fund. Yikes. Guess I'll be buying my makeup at Target rather than Sephora from now on. 

4) Fitness. In January of this year, I joined a gym. Matthew really liked working with weights & our local athletic club was having a 3 month special. I figured that could be our test period. Turns out, I liked going to the gym. But it also turns out, working out makes me gain weight. And I'm talking about more than just a couple of pounds. More poundage that I could ever have imagined. 17 pounds. And don't tell me it's muscle, because I'm huge & I've had to go up a size in my jeans. Just before Christmas I tried a couple of classes -something I had wanted to do since I joined but was too intimidated to try. Both the classes I tried kicked my butt. I have never been so exhausted after being at the gym. But - maybe that's what I need. I'll start up again in January. I also need to have a physical for insurance purposes in January. I sure hope at least my cholesterol has come down - if not then I may as well go back to being a couch potato .... way less work to weigh less! 

5) Get organized. This is an ongoing thing with me. I've done a lot of purging/ tossing/ donating in the last few months. However, I may have mentioned once or twice that my husband is a Class A Hoarder. Like, he could have been on the show Hoarders. It's bad. But one thing I've noticed - the people on Hoarders are emotionally attached to things & that's why they have a hard time getting rid of things. However, unless my husband is emotionally attached to his candy wrappers & empty beer cans, I would say there is more to his issue. But ... I shall continue to do my part to organize, close his bedroom door when company comes over & hope that someday he actually cares enough to become an adult. 

So .... these are my top 5.  I'm sure these 5 are on other people's lists as well. I look forward to reading about other people's resolutions, how they are going about them, & hopefully picking up some tips. I've got my notebook ready .... go! 

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Sunday, December 27, 2015

I survived Christmas 2015

Well, for someone who could be Scrooge's sister, I actually had a nice holiday. Christmas Eve was quiet. I finished baking, made a ham for dinner, then spent the rest of the night watching Christmas movies ("Christmas Vacation" & "Elf", 2 of my favorites) while chugging sipping Irish Cream. I am so thankful my kids don't get up at 5 on Christmas morning wanting to open presents. They were never ever early risers. While my 13 year old generally gets up around 7 on weekends, my 17 year old had to be woken up. Quite a few times. Even though he knew (because he sent me the links lol) some RAD presents awaited him. Apparently he was up playing Minecraft until way-too-late o'clock. Ahhhh the life of a teenager. 

We spent the rest of the day at my mom's. Well, 3/4 of us did. Hubby wasn't feeling well for the 287th time this year, so he stayed home. I think it's because he knew what we were having for dinner .... our traditional lasagna! Nope, we're not even 1 iota Italian, but it's my very favorite meal. My mom has been making it every Christmas for years. Hubby hates it. That's fine, we enjoyed some yummy pasta while he stayed home & probably had a fine meal of Saltines.

Yesterday we all stayed home & recuperated. I am happy to report that I did take a shower (apparently a lot of my Facebook friends didn't even do that lol), but then got right back into my sweats. Did some laundry .... cleaned up the Christmas mess ... & had leftovers for dinner. There was a Harry Potter marathon on tv so I watched some of those .... all in all a very relaxing day. 

Today is catch up before heading back to work tomorrow. Booo! Remind me next year to take some more time off around the holidays .... the thought of going to work while everyone is home lazing is depressing. AND it appears we are finally getting our winter tomorrow. All crammed into one day. Endless snow & wind. Perfect. 

I hope you all had a spectacular & safe Christmas! I'm actually going to do some blurfing right now {while watching the Packers beat the Cardinals} to see what everyone got from Santa!!! 

Monday, December 21, 2015

Merry almost Christmas!

Well, this sure came quickly! I know it's the same day every year, but every year it sneaks up on me. My problem is I don't want to think about Christmas before Thanksgiving ... which can be a problem when Thanksgiving is late. Next year I'll be more prepared! 

Yeah, I say that every year.....

I am almost done ... one or two more presents to buy & wrap ... one or two more batches of cookies to bake ... & a dessert to pick out & bake. For the first time ever, we will be spending Christmas Eve at home, just the 4 of us, & instead of going to my mom's. We will go to her house Christmas Day. Which is fine ... gives me an extra day to prepare. And I think we'll go on a "Xmas light run" that night. Do you like to drive around & look at the lights?? I hate putting up lights outside, so maybe that makes me extra appreciative of the people who do it. 

I sure wish I could take credit for this picture .... because that would mean that not only am I an incredible photographer, but also that we have snow... 

I wish.

This is what it actually looks like here ....

Ah well .... on the bright side my teenager driver who is driving his first winter doesn't have to deal with slippery snowy roads. Yet. It's Wisconsin, it will happen.

I hope you all have a fantastic holiday .... eat, drink & be merry!! 

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