Thursday, September 1, 2016

Another time sucker

After buying beads & supplies over the last few months, I finally took the plunge & made my first bracelets. Now remember, I am new at this. You would laugh if you saw the very first cards I made & I'm pretty sure I'll (at least I hope I will) get better at this too. 

Here you go! Some of the most simple, basic bracelets you can make.

These are just stretch bracelets, probably the easiest kind out there. I've been watching YouTube videos & reading blogs ... & figured I may as well start from the beginning. But I think they turned out not horrible. I will probably give the purple one to my niece, & I have a couple of friends who have battled (& won) the fight with breast cancer, so I plan on giving these to them October 1st. 

My kids start school tomorrow. School actually started today, but only for the 7th & 9th graders so they can get acclimated to their new schools. My boys are groaning about having to go tomorrow but I reminded them they had an extra day off. 

Happy Labor Day weekend!!! Who's cooking out??? *meeeeee*


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