Monday, October 17, 2016

A gift for a friend

Hey!! Hope you had a nice weekend! It was actually really warm & muggy here in Wisconsin ... not October weather at all! Although, the year my son was born (the one who just turned 18) I do remember a fair amount of visitors wearing shorts & complaining about the humidity. So maybe it IS October weather around these parts. No worries, it will be back down to the 60's in a day or two.

Things have been a bit rough at work lately. One gal on my "team" quit & is leaving at the end of the month, & another gal just found out some major medical news & will be out 2-3 months. That leaves my sales director, & me. It's a good thing neither of us takes life too seriously & we know we can only do so much in a day. Still, I wanted to get her a little something so she knows we are in this together! 

(I just noticed I forgot to add the twine before I took the picture)

She loves & very often steals my K-cups at work. She really super muchly loved these: {stock photo because I forgot to take a picture before I wrapped it}

They are very hard to find here, in fact I found them at one store & one store only. So I bought her a box. 3 weeks ago. Because I knew I had to make a tag to go with her gift bag, & it took me that long to find a stamp that would work. What??? I know!!! I have barely any coffee/ hot chocolate/ mug stamps!! 

No worries though, I finally found a cute acrylic set at Hobby Lobby. So I was all ready to make her tag ... browsing Pinterest for inspiration and .... OMG I saw this embossing folder & HAD to have it! 

So ..... search & search & search & it's not to be found in any store here. So I ordered it on Ebay. 

{{{ are you thinking "she must be a REALLY good friend" by now?? }}}

It arrived luckily in just a few days so I was able to finally finish off that gift bag with a tag. Never mind that after I received the folder I saw a whole set ... the folder, Starbucks coffee cup & die ... for about the same price *sob* 

I was actually slightly stumped when it came to actually making the tag. Between the new stamp set & the very cool embossing folder (and I may have also bought some distress markers)  I was having a hard time figuring it out. I wanted something simple, but cute. I went with the distress + glittery Stickles look because, why not? Those 2 things don't really go together but I think I made it work? {yes, that's a question}

The good news is she loved it! The hot chocolate AND the whole gift package ensemble. I gave her a little candy gift not too long ago & she was super impressed. That's why I like giving things like this to her. She's not really crafty at all, so she wouldn't know if something totally sucks!!! 

Have a great week! 


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