Sunday, August 21, 2016

Co-worker love

Happy Sunday to all! Booooo ... It's been a pleasant enough day but now it's 7:47 & the Sunday night stress begins ....

BUT I did have some play time this weekend. I almost forgot how to! I wanted to make a little something for my sales director at work. It's been a rough few weeks for pretty much everyone at work, but especially for her. The usual work stress ... the stress of her son starting freshman year of college  ....& the stress of getting into a car accident & totaling her car. See people? It can always be worse! 

She & I were venting talking on Friday about all this, & as I was leaving her office she said "It's going to get better?" I asked if that was a statement or a question & she said "Yes" lol .... at that moment I decided she needs a little pick-me-up. Here's what I made for her: 

I found the cute little candies at Hobby Lobby. They're minty chocolates with teeny tiny sprinkles. What says happy more than teeny tiny sprinkles?!? I bought the clear bags from Papertrey Ink about a billion years ago, & this is the first one I've used!! * cough * HOARDER * cough *

I think I've never done bag toppers because I wasn't sure how to attach them. So, like with everything else, I winged it! I stapled the bag shut then used a strip of adhesive on both sides of the card. The flowers I bought a looong time ago, & I remember thinking after I bought them WHYYY did I buy these?? They are huge! I finally found a use for ... well, one :)

The paper from K&Company was perfect. I punched a couple of butterflies, added a few teeny tiny pearls (to go with the teeny tiny sprinkles) & just used my computer for the saying. I'm going to leave it on her desk before she gets there tomorrow. If she figures out it's from me then I'll know she's paying attention to our conversations lol! 

I still haven't finished going through my vacation photos. On one hand, I loooove going through them & remembering all the fun we had, but on the other hand it makes me miss being there so much! 

I'm also working on another project. Because not having time for one hobby isn't enough. 

Have a great week everyone!


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