Wednesday, August 10, 2016

VACATION: Day 1 - Disney Springs

Wow, it has been hard getting back to normal after vacation! We've been home a little over 2 weeks & I feel like I just can't catch up. Work ... home ... errands ... yard work ... I'm behind on everything. I haven't even gone through all my pictures yet, but I did choose a few from our first day to share with you. 

After a very tough wake up at 2 am ... we got to the airport about 3:30 for our 5:35 flight. I couldn't believe how busy it is at that hour lol. 

Take off at 5:35 am on the dot! 

I've pretty much gotten over my fear of flying. Well, I *had* gotten over it, until our return flight. More details on that in my last-day-of-vacation post in a few days.

We decided since we were getting there early enough, but not really early enough to go to the parks (by the time we checked in to the hotel) that we would go to Disney Springs. We didn't go last time so this was new to us. 

I was excited to see this right away:

Yeah, we spent some time in here. 

I think it's funny that in this picture there is a woman behind me wearing more ears/ hats & holding more "stuff" than I am lol. 

I was exhausted & starving from all that shopping. I have been to one of these restaurants before, but not in Orlando. 

Love this place! Definitely enough to look at while waiting for our food. 

We had great food, great drinks & a great gorilla entertaining us the whole time. I didn't get a picture of him though, he was camera shy :)

Michael is smiling in this picture. He thinks this is the only picture he has to pose for. Silly child.

I just thought this was such a beautiful view. I have no idea if Disney Springs changed at all since being Downtown Disney, or if they just changed the name. I was surprised by the high end shops there. Nothing I could afford but it was fun looking! 

I was hoping the Lego Store was more like Legoland, with lots of creations. None inside, but we did find some cool ones outside: 

It was a fun day & the perfect start to our vacation! 

Next: Universal Studios, Day 1!



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