Sunday, July 31, 2016

Home again

Hello friends, we are home from our fantabulous vacation! I miss it already! We had such a good time, although I think this will be our last Florida trip IN JULY. The heat & humidity are wicked, you'd think we would have learned our lesson the first time we went. 

I'm still going through pictures, & will post as soon as I can. Seems some of my friends are anxious for pictures of the new Diagon Alley. It was amazing & I can't wait to share with you all. 

Here are a few random pictures that I had posted on Facebook & Instagram: 

A few of my co workers don't understand why we'd want to go back to Disney & Universal when we were "just there" {4 years ago}. To them I say, we can no longer be friends. Seriously, I LOVE it there & yes we do plan on going back in a few years. We got to do & see a lot of things we didn't the first time we were there & I'm betting in 3 or 4 years they will have even more new things to see. I will never ever tire of going there! 

But for now, it's back to reality. I will be getting back to crafting & hopefully finishing that card I started before we left. I need to get my auctions on Ebay in order & update my Etsy shop. I've been going through closets & drawers & taking a lot of stuff to Goodwill. I feel the need for order!! 

I will be back in a few days with more photos!!!! 



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