Thursday, August 25, 2016

Is it Halloween already??

No!!! But I haven't made a Halloween card in about 3 years! They've always been my favorite so I'm starting early :)

This was supposed to be a simple card. I was going to take some scraps (yay for using scraps!), use them as the background & slap on an image. Voila. Only, nothing is ever simple in my card making world. It ended up taking about 2 hours. What is WRONG with me? 

Ok, I know it doesn't look like it took a long time. But it did! I had about 53 scraps of paper to choose from so it took some deep thinking. 

Love this little cutie from Pink Cat Studios. I tried to make her face "witchy-like" {green & brown}, but she just looks like she needs a bath. 

As much as I like "bling" & "stuff", I never really use rhinestones. But, I pulled them out for this card. That's right, got a little crazy with this one. 

So when is your Trick or Treat time? Ha, just kidding. My kids haven't even started back to school yet. It's weird to think some kids have been in school for a couple of weeks already. Mine start next week Friday ... but they also go until the second week of June. 

Hope you have a great weekend! 


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