Saturday, July 12, 2008

Well, color me clueless!

Who knew there would be *so* much to learn about blogging?! First there was the spacing issue, which wouldn't have been an issue if I didn't have a bit of OCD. Secondly, the enlarging/non-enlarging pictures. Thirdly, the subcriptions/non-subscriptions. I think I've got it all covered now!!!!!!! As I posted earlier, I have resolved the subscription issue! If you are still not getting notifications, please let me know!! AND.....drumroll......MY PICTURES WILL NOW ENLARGE WHEN YOU CLICK ON THEM!!!!! Thank you so much to my good friend Ila, who spent a lot of time helping me. She even took some of my photos via email & tried to enlarge them. Then she mentioned resolution. BAM!! *smacks forehead* THAT'S the problem!! I had my camera set to the smallest size, because when I got my camera last Xmas, it was set to the factory default of ~~ well, the highest resolution. When I was posting auctions on Ebay, my pictures were wayyyyy too big & at the time, I didn't have PSP installed on my computer. My old dinosaur computer wouldn't support it, so all I had was the editing program that came with it, which didn't allow me to resize SO (TMI, I know!!!! I talk a lot when I get excited, lol!!!) I reset my camera & never thought to change that for my blog, or my pictures I post on SCS for that matter. Geez, my pictures are probably all blurry over there in my gallery.

So anyway, I went back & redid a few of my pictures, the new release cards I did for High Hopes (the fish, the pirate & the clown), the Penny Black card from yesterday, & I even took a new picture of my Zinnia, because it rained last night & it was so pretty with water all over it. Those should all enlarge now when you click on them. If they are too big, I don't want to hear it!!!! LOL!!! Some of the cards I've posted are no longer in my possession, so I couldn't retake the photos but I did re-upload some of them in a larger setting.

SO ~~~~ barring any more problems ~~~ things should be smooth from hereon out. Thank you so much for being patient with me, it is definitely a learning process!!!!!


Ila said...

Yay!! and all is working well now. I was totally happy to friend!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle,
Thanks SO MUCH for coming over today and helping me get more acquainted with my computer - and showing me how to use my Nestabilities, etc. Sure do appreciate you - and love, love LOVE your cards. Good luck on your new adventure.

Ila said...

Hey there Michelle.....I have an award for you on my blog.....Have a Great Day!!

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