Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Do you hear that??

Ahhhh.......silence. It's true what they say....silence IS golden! Today is Michael's first full day of kindergarten. He had an hour & a half orientation on Tuesday, then the class was split in half. Half went yesterday, the other half today. This is so the teachers could get to know their new little kindergarteners in a smaller group. He is just so excited, which makes me excited. If he were nervous or scared, I'd be sad. BUT ~ we did wait an extra year before sending him. His birthday is in August, & the cutoff here is September 1st. If he'd gone last year he would always have been the youngest. I was always the youngest & it was horrible. Plus, he just wasn't ready, plain & simple. Now he's ready & starting to read & he's EXCELLENT in math, so this is a good thing!

Here he is this morning, waiting to go into his class ~ I'm afraid he's going to cry at the END of the day, when the teacher announces it's time to go home, lol!

So what am I going to do with my time? A lot of volunteering at the school. I have waited a long time to be able to volunteer during school hours. Now I can help out in his class, & in the library (it HAS to be during the time Matthew has library, I'm told, lol) & I can help with the book fair & parent lunch week & favorite man breakfast......I can't wait!! I will also be subbing in the school district this year. When I'm not busy doing all that school stuff, I will be running errands......ALONE......& stamping......ALONE......& hopefully keeping up my blog a bit better. That's right, say it with me. ALONE!!!

I'm working on a Halloween card, but it's not quite finished yet. I should be able to post it tomorrow. Because I have all day today. Alone. LOL ~ can you tell I'm excited about this? Anyway, I wanted to share a card I made around this time last year. I used all High Hopes stamps ~ the scarecrow, the pumpkins & the corn stalk are all separate stamps. I wanted to make a little scene, so I had to make the card a bit bigger ~ it measures 4.75" X 5.75". I also didn't want to add a lot of "extras" ~ I wanted the scene to be the whole card. I colored it with Prisma pencils & Gamsol, the pumpkins are all cut out & popped up & I added just a small swirl clip with some ribbon that matched the colors perfectly.

Although my tastes haven't changed too much in the past year, I probably would do a few things differently if I did this same card again. But I do like it ~ I don't do many "scenic" cards, probably because I'm not fond of masking. Or cutting. LOL ~~ maybe *I* need to go to kindergarten to learn how to use my scissors correctly :)

On the medical front, my hubby met with a surgeon yesterday. Unfortunately, this surgeon won't do the surgery. He said he hasn't done many of these, & his last one was in 1995. Did I mention this is a rare disease? So now the hunt is on to find someone who *will* do it. He did try calling another surgeon yesterday, but of course he was in surgery so we're waiting for a call back. Meanwhile, hubby did learn a bit about what the surgery entails & he is not happy, lol. From what I had read while researching this disease & treatment, I was under the assumption it would be done laparascopically. Well, he's had this condition for SO long, & his esophagus is not in good condition, so they want to go in through the chest. So here we sit. And wait. Wait for a surgeon. Wait for a surgery date. And waiting until the day he can eat solid food again. Thank you so much for your continued prayers & support, they mean so much to us!!!

OK, back to my day of silence........ahhhhh.......


Niki Estes said...

He looks so excited, Michelle. Hope he has lots of fun! Cute card and I hope you find someone to do the surgery soon.

~Michelle~ said...

I *SO* hear you about the alone time thing! I just sent my oldest and the chatterbox of the family. My 2yo and I can hang out and it's WAY more low-key.....ahhhhh! ;)
I'm hoping to get more stamping in too!! Mine's happy to be back too....that makes it way better on mom!

xiumaiyuki said...

Love your coloring on the card! Very pretty!!! Praying your hubby will find his surgeon soon!

Lorraine said...

Michelle, this card is amazing. Where did you find this image. I want it! lol

by Shelly said...

I love that card.

It's so sad to hear about the surgeon. My hubby kind of went through the same thing, but for his back.. we ended up waiting 6 months. I so feel your pain. I hope you have better luck than we did... and I hope you find a surgeon fast before your hubby shrivels up...Take care

Ps. Hope you got your happy mail.

Lim said...

Hi Michelle.

Thank you visiting my blog again :)
I'm glad that you have some quiet time today LOL. and also I want to tell you this card looks amazing!!
I love the color combo, the papers, all the details. Everything!!

Tammi said...

Ahhh...silence and a little alone time, I know exactly how you feel! :) Love your fall card! And ugh on the wait for the surgery and not knowing when and if it will happen anytime soon!! I can't imagine being on a liquid diet for any length of time!

Oh and on your question the other day, that's me kneeling down next to my youngest in the group pic. :)

Anonymous said...

Ahhh I knew you would love it....SILENCE... This card is fantastic. I love the coloring. I don't think I would change a thing. Hope hubby gets this all worked out. How frustrating.
Dawn B.

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