Sunday, December 7, 2008

High Hopes Challenge #11

Hello all & Happy Sunday!! I just wanted to post quickly to let you know I *am* still alive!! I've been UBER busy this week, plus the last couple of days I'm been feeling so sluggish. I don't think I'm sick ~~ just feeling "blechy". I'm sure it's related to my sleep issues. I did call the hospital the other day to talk to somebody about getting a sleep study done. My dr faxed the papers over the day after Thanksgiving. After not hearing anything all week, I thought I'd give them a call. Well I had to leave a message, & nobody called me back. Good thing it's not an emergency! I'll have to try again tomorrow. Don't they know how important this is to me? LOL

So.....due to lack of time, energy, AND mojo....don't know where my creativity went.....I did not make a card for the High Hopes challenge this week. But I still wanted to let you know what it is! This week we ask that you use flowers on your card or project. You can use flower punches, Prima flowers, floral paper....anything with a flower!! Easy peasy, right? Easy......yet, I don't have a card! LOL! Hope you all do better than I & get something made & uploaded to the comments section of THIS POST ON THE HIGH HOPES BLOG! You need to visit the blog anyway, to see all the wonderful creations my fellow Divas (who are more with it than I am) came up with!! This will be the last challenge of the year, but we will resume in January!!

We are in for quite the storm this week. It's supposed to start tomorrow, & snow all through Tuesday. Some parts of Wisconsin could get up to 18"!!!! And of course our snowblower won't start, & our shovel is broken. **sigh**


Denise (peanutbee) said...

{{Michelle}} Sorry you're not feeling well and they're not returning your calls. I hope you get in touch with someone soon so you can get some answers.

Tori Wild said...

Uggg-- sorry to hear you're not feeling better... we're supposed to be slammed with snow this week too and I'm REALLY not looking forward to it! I have a 17 person stamp a stack to host tomorrow night and I just know the roads will be icy, not fun!!!

Ila said...

I hope your feeling better soon Michelle...and that you get some answers. My MIL had a sleeping problem for like a yr...lost a lot of weight...turned out to be over active thyroid... We have snow...enough to shovel...whenever I take the dog out...I shovel a little....but we have nothing like you just mentioned!!..(and I probably shouldn't have said that)..what goes around..comes Care!!...Hugs, Ila

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