Thursday, April 9, 2009

Recipe Thursday & an award

Hello all, & happy day-before-Good-Friday!! Some of you are starting Spring Break tomorrow, you lucky ducks! We usually have ours the week after Easter, like everyone else, but for some reason they scheduled ours a week earlier this year. We've been off this week...which has been nice....but we get gypped a day, since we already have tomorrow off!! No fair!!

I'm hard at work on my challenge card for Sunday's High Hopes challenge, but thought I'd take a break & post a recipe! I did miss last week, due to sickness, & I'm sure your week just isn't complete without a recipe from me!!

Today's recipe is for the best Taco Dip in the world!! I've tried many many different recipes, but when I found this one about 15 years ago, well I just about died & went to dip heaven. It's soooo easy but it's soooo good!! Must be the combo sour cream/cream cheese. I seem to use a lot of cream cheese. No wonder I'm seeing a cardiologist on Monday!!


1 16 oz carton sour cream
1 8 oz carton cream cheese
taco seasoning

Mix 3/4 container of sour cream & whole container of cream cheese. Mix seasoning in, spread in pan (I usually use a 10 x 15 baking sheet....the kind with the sides...depends on how thinly you want to spread the dip). Top with lettuce, tomato, olives, cheese & onion.

That's it!! Isn't that easy?? But trust me it's soooo good. It's been quite a while since I've made this, but I'm pretty sure the more I made it, the more cream cheese I added, lol. So I probably use about a container & a half, but it all depends on what you like. I use my mixer to mix the sour cream & cream cheese....I use to mix it by hand but found I couldn't get the cream cheese to mix smoothly enough. And I always make the base, stick it in the fridge, then add the toppings just before I serve it. A great appetizer for Easter Sunday!!!!

I also was blessed with an award!! Gvendalen at Ocean of Imaginations passed on this beautiful award to me!! Thanks so much Gvendalen!! You made my day!! Be sure to check out her may not be able to read it (she's Russian!!!) but you can gaze at her gorgeous artwork!!

Thanks so much for checking in, & I hope you have something fun planned for Good Friday!!! We are going mattress shopping!! Woohoooo!! LOL....ok....probably not as fun as say....going to the Brewers home opener.....but our 10 year old needs a new mattress, so a new mattress he shall get!!


MollyD said...

I love this dip!!! Congrats on the blog award!

Lacey said...

This sounds like a very yummy dip! I will have to try it out!
I hope everything goes well at the cardiologist! I hope it's nothing serious!
Big hugs :-)

Elaine Livesey said...

Well,I've never had this dip,(not even heard of it in this part of the UK) but we love tacos,so I'm going to make it this week. Sounds very delish.
I look forward to 'recipe Thursday' so thanks for posting.Sending you best wishes for your appointment.
Lots of love
Elaine xx

Ila said...

This sounds yummy Michele!!...I love the addition of the olives....must try it!!

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