Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I'm so sorry I haven't posted in the last few have been so busy with end of school year stuff. I've been at school every day, either working or helping out, & at night I've been working on gifts so that hasn't left much "cardmaking for the heck of it" time. Today I went to Michael's kindergarten graduation.....I almost didn't even cry. But when they all came marching in with their hats & tassels.....well what mom WOULDN'T be in tears???

Thank you to Mrs. Murphy for the FUNNEST school year ever!!!

I really do hope to have something for you soon.....Christmas & end of school year HAS to be a mom's busiest times of the year!!


my5bratz said... sweet :0)

Alicia said...

Just a adorable photo!!

Ila said...

Oh My Gosh!! what a Fabulous photo of your little fella....I'd have been blubbering all over too. In fact I blubbered away at all school functions...concerts ect...But this was a red letter day for sure for both of you..(probably more for you than him..LOL)...It's such a good thing to take the time to enjoy and remember them....Hugs, Ila

Anjou Krelovich said...

Great picture! My son finishes Kindergarten in 2 weeks too. We can sniff in our coffee together. They're growing up too fast!

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