Tuesday, December 22, 2009

10th day of Christmas, & HUGE blog candy!!

Good morning! 10th day of Christmas......are you kidding?? I actually have to go back out today because the stupid grocery store I went to yesterday didn't have anything I needed!! And of course, it's snowing, & is supposed to continue......& continue.....& continue....falalalala........

Today's special at 7 Kids College Fund is 10% off all SPELLBINDER products!!!! Tab already has great prices on these, so run to the store & get them while they're even less!!!! Today's code to enter when you check out is.......

Tenth Day of Christmas:


Click HERE to check out all the fun Spellbinders products in the store......10% off!! What a deal!!

Also.....Tab is having THE most amazing prize drawing ever!!! She is a huge supporter of Singleton Moms, an organization that helps single moms fighting cancer. In exchange for your donation to this wonderful group, Tab will enter your name into a drawing to win over $400 in prizes!!!!!! Pictured below is the amazing array of stuff you can win.......go to Tab's blog post HERE to get more details on how you can enter!!!!!

Only 2 more days to go.....that means just 2 more days of specials!!! Check back tomorrow for the 11th day of Christmas special!!

My kids have a 1/2 day today, then they are done for the holiday!! Which means I'd better enjoy the few hours of peace & quiet I have left.......lol.....


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