Thursday, January 7, 2010

Another huge blog candy at 7 Kids!

Hi all!!! I hope you're having a great week!! We are getting yet another's been snowing for 8 hours, & they said it will continue to snow for another 12-15 hours!!! I'm done with winter now. It was pretty for Christmas.....but it can all go away now!! All done!!

I've been working every day ( have no idea how happy it makes me to say that!!) so I haven't had much time to create. And what I am going to create over the next day or two.....well it's a secret. Don't you hate when bloggers say that?

So for now, I'm just going to tell you that Tab at 7 Kids College Fund is planning ANOTHER huge blog candy!! She gave away quite a stash just a couple of weeks ago, & she's planning to do it again!! See her blog post HERE for details!!!!!

And did ya see all the new Zva Creative items she has in the store?? Gorgeous stuff!!

I'll be back soon!! Stay warm!!!


pinky said...

Wow so much snow, makes ours sound pathetic! Keep warm over there.

Sue a/k/a MOUSEMOM40 said...

I'm with you - snow stinks - especially when I have to drive in it. Sounds like you're getting a lot more than we are in NW Indiana though, so I probably shouldn't complain. Thanks for the heads up on 7 Kids College Fund!

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