Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fairy tale collection at 7 Kids!

Good morning all!! It's a beautiful Saturday here in Wisconsin....& I'm hoping to get lots done today!! I apologize for my lack of posts lately....I am feeling extra uncreative lately. I have a few unfun things going on in my personal life which is making it hard to think about stamping. I hope I'm just going through one of my normal slumps, & that I will be back at it soon.

Meanwhile......for all you Magnolia lovers.....7 Kids College Fund has the Fairytale Collection available for preorder!!!! Click HERE to see all the lovelies, & to place your order!! I guess I can't be in too much of a slump because I want them all!! LOL!!!!!

Have a super duper weekend....hope the weather is fabulous where you are!!


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