Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Well it has been a very long 24 hours! At this time last night, we had just gotten home from Matthew's baseball game.....where it was very humid, but calm & cooling off nicely. 30 minutes later we were in our basement, watching the weather radar on the news telling us to take cover quickly because some tornado-producing storms were approaching quickly. Our power went out in the middle of it.....so we sat in pitch black, listening to the loud cracks of thunder & the wind howling. It was so scary! My husband works 2nd shift, so it was just me & the boys!! As it turns out, we were VERY lucky........this is all that happened to us....

(just one tree, 2 different angles)

Unfortunately, in the next town over, & in another town east of us, tornadoes did touch down. Thankfully no one was hurt, but 100 homes were damaged & another 25 were completely destroyed. Lucky lucky lucky.....I feel very lucky. It was a crap shoot......some of the homes that were leveled.....their neighbors across the street didn't even lose a shingle. Please keep these families in your thoughts!!!!

So.....today was spent cleaning up......trees in our cul-de-sac have been completely uprooted....& praying for our power to come back on. At one point I called the electric company & they said it would be sometime tomorrow night before our power was restored. We lucked out.....it came on about an hour ago. It was about 90 degrees today & about 1000% humidity.....I've had the air on since the power came back on & it hasn't even made a dent in the heat!!

I was supposed to have a job interview tomorrow......but I called & postponed it. I am so excited about this interview....I have been trying to get into this company for a loooooong time....so hopefully they understand that sometimes Mother Nature takes over & there's nothing you can do. I don't think it would make a very good impression if I came to an interview not having showered for 2 days!! LOL!!

They are predicting more storms for tonight......if this is the way our summer is going to be....I might just become a winter person!


Dee said...

So glad you and your family are safe after that. We must be in the same area as it was scary here last night too with Tornados touching down close to us too most of the day and night. We were in the basement shelter here as well so you weren't alone. Hopefully tonight isn't as bad but this Spring/Summer has been a mess!

celia said...

Verschrikkelijk! Op zo een momenten ben ik blij dat wij in het "tornadovrij"-Belgïe wonen,maar wij moeten het dan wel met korte zomers en lange winters stellen!Veel succes met het intervieuw!Liefs,Celia.

delightfuldaisy said...

So glad you are safe! I know it must have been very scary. I'm in Tennessee and it seems we are having more and more tornadoes here. When we built our house in 2004, we included a storm room in the basement which we have used. We will keep you and yours in our prayers!

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