Saturday, November 13, 2010

New charms

Hello everyone & happy Saturday!! It is rainy & cruddy here....figures it's nice out all week then the weekend comes & .....BLEAH!

Speaking of BLEAH that is how I'm feeling today. I battled stomach issues all night last night & now I'm just taking it easy. I have soooo much to do but I know if I do too much I will feel even worse tomorrow. So I have declared today PJ & Movie Day at our house! Fun for the kids & quiet time for me :)

I wanted to share with you the fun charms I just listed in my Etsy store. I just got them today & couldn't wait to get them into my store.

Santa Hat --just in time for those holiday cards!

Cell phone --I can think of a few images this would be perfect with!

And a cute little mouse with a "love" heart.

These & more fun charms (& cards too!) are listed in my Etsy shop HERE!

I really wish I could create something today so I could use some of these, but my day consists of hanging out on the couch with my laptop! Not a bad day, I just wish there were a clean house/laundry/grocery shopping fairy to get all my stuff done for me....sigh....

I did hear back from my doctor. She had left me a message earlier in the week that my blood work was normal, but now she said my B12 level is low. Of course I Googled it & found out this can cause migraines, fatigue & dizziness. We'll see --it would be nice if I could just start taking a pill every day & feel better but I don't think it's going to be that easy. But ---it's a start & they took so much blood from me that I'm glad they found something!! LOL!!

Have a great weekend!


aquariann said...

I hope you feel better soon! Those charms are adorable. ^.^

Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

Oh Michelle....feel better!! Stomach issues are the pits. The charms are darling!! I may have to visit your etsy shop once I have some more money to play with...

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