Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard of '11

It's a little crazy in the midwest! For days they were predicting storms --- 3 in a row, with the last being a doozie. 12-15 inches, they said. Well they were right! Gasp --YES the weather people were RIGHT!!! It wasn't just the snow --it was the winds. 55 mph overnight. So, with all the snow, we woke up to drifts as big as our houses. They had already announced all the school closings yesterday afternoon. I left work not knowing if I would be going in today. Well I didn't even have to try --they, too, closed for the day today. Along with just about every other business in the area. You know how they list the closings on the bottom of your tv? I'm pretty sure it would be easier to just show what is NOT closed!

Here are just a few pics I took this morning. I have more on Facebook (link on my sidebar) if you're interested!

This is our back deck...poor kitties can't even see over the snow to watch the birdies!

I was a bit afraid of what I would find when I opened the garage door. It had to be done. Actually not as bad as I thought ...most of the drifting was in our front yard & our walkway.

Hubby's car ---sucks to park outside!

Amazing that you can see ground by the garbage can, yet the drifts were as high as the car!

Here is the snow peeking over the front door ----it's just waiting for someone to pass under it so it can plop on top of them!

Our front door & living room window. No, that was not shoveled into a pile like that. All Mother Nature.

The path that hubby was kind enough to shovel for me so I could take pictures, lol!

View from our front window.

And this is our garden --isn't it all colorful & pretty? LOL.....

So that's been the goings on here. I'm thankful we didn't lose power --last winter we had a storm that knocked out power for over a day. It was mighty chilly!! And with the winds still whipping around here ---I can't imagine how cold it would be. At least I can get some laundry & baking done, so I feel a bit useful on this day off that has been given to me!!

Let me know if you got hit where you are --this storm hit quite a few states. It's even all icy & Wisconsin-like down in Dallas ---it's like the Packers brought the Frozen Tundra with them!!


Lacey Stephens said...

As a Native Floridian, I can NOT even imagine this!! Oh my!! I sure hope your power continues to work. Please stay warm and enjoy your time off.

Paula said...

You win,,,you're weather is worse then ours! And I'm glad for us!

Jocelyn aka JoBear2 said...

Hi Michelle, goodness - what a snow storm!! I can't believe how much snow you have had - it's just incredible that you weren't buried alive!! What is happening with the weather - it's all a bit crazy! Here in Australia (where it is Summer), we have had a massive tropical cyclone with 180mph winds in the north of the country which has all but wiped out several towns, and here where I live, we have been having tropical weather - hot and very humid and flooding rains - when typically here, we have a dry heat and very little rain in Summer. We are still recovering from the floods we had here a month ago, and now more rain.....after 10 years of drought.

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