Sunday, March 27, 2011

thank you

I have received so many encouraging messages from my wonderful cyber-friends. Thank you so much! It has been a rough few weeks at our house. Jake is still with us, but I have let my friend/vet know that it will be time soon. He is still eating & purring & not in any pain (I would NOT let that happen), but he doesn't really leave the comfort of his bed too often. It's been hard on me ----hard on my kids ---& of course hard on Elwood, who goes to check on him every now & then. We also had some trouble at school this week --- & of course I had probably the crappiest week at work since I started there. It all just snowballs. We went to a school dance Friday night, where I commiserated with a couple of friends & it was like therapy for me. It's nice to know it's not just MY life that is sucking right now!

So again, thank you for your kind words. I promise I will be back making cards soon --- it's just nice to be able to take this time to spend with my babies -- ALL of my babies!!


♥...Mo...♥ said...

The family first.
God's timing is perfect,
Everything happens at the right time
We are always waiting for you
Everything better for you soon
A hug from Vzla

Paula said...

OH Michelle, I'm so glad you were able to talk out your feelings with others. It doesn't solve our problems, but it does make them easier to "bear"! Big Hugs!

Jocelyn aka JoBear2 said...

Hi Michelle, it always helps to know that others have lots of "stuff" happening to them too - not that it fixes them - but others understand how you feel. I often ask myself why does life have to be so hard - and why do 25 things seem to happen all at the same time and stress me to breaking point?! Why can't things just be "normal"? But then, somehow when I have a rant with friends, it seems to make me feel better inside.

Thinking of you and sending you lots of {{{hugs}}} from across the miles.

Lydia said...


Anonymous said...

I know how our pets can become like our children. We love them so much. I will say a prayer for you. Hope work, is better this week. Hugs, Rea

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