Saturday, July 23, 2011

Family fun at the fair

Hello & happy Saturday!! If you are here to see some craftiness, you might want to move along to the next blog -- today I have pictures of our day at the fair :)

So as I was saying before, this is our first year in 4H. It's been fun & the kids got to enter projects into the fair. Michael was a Cloverbud this year -- kind of "pre 4H" -- so although he WAS judged -- all the Cloverbuds received the same ribbon. Next year he'll be judged & given a blue, red, white or pink ribbon like Matthew was. They all earn a bit of money for each ribbon --

Matthew received a red ribbon for his photography project down in the corner there. If you're wondering what that picture is on the top left, it's his lava lamp. I think it's pretty cool!

He received a blue ribbon (yay!!) for his birdhouse -- the one he & his father spent all week arguing over. The judge did say the perch is too big -- that allows the big ugly crows to sit on it & eat the little eggs & baby birds -- we'll have to fix that!

I didn't realize at the time that this picture didn't turn out -- guess I won't be using this one on MY photography project next year! Michael made cookies & brownies & both turned out fantastic! In fact, I think there was a bit of taste testing amongst the judges -- one cookie is missing!

We only had time for one ride -- which was fine by me. I *loathe* those rides! Nothing like watching your kids swinging & rotating & going upside down -- it makes my stomach turn. I hate being "that" mom but honestly, there are some I just won't let them go on. I'm so mean......

Our club had to help serve ice cream -- the kids were THRILLED to be wearing these fine Klement's hats, as you can see by the looks on their faces (they were even more thrilled that mom had to take a picture!)

Break time! Nothing like a BIG SCOOP of Blue Moon....

Both kids worked really hard, both on their projects & working the ice cream booth. We served & wiped tables for 4 HOURS! And it was *hot*. We all had lots of fun & we can't wait till next year!

I took off of work the next day (thank goodness, because we didn't get to bed until midnight!!) & we went to the beach. Well, more like a watering hole with sand around it -- but it was relaxing & fun & while I'm a fanatic about sunscreen for the kids, I'm not too crazy about putting it on myself. I did pay for it -- my shoulders were a bit seared!

And now that the craziness of the fair is over, hopefully I will have a bit more time to craft! I'm working on a card today in between loads of laundry so hopefully I will have something new to show soon!

Thanks for visiting! Have a super duper weekend!


Linda Palmer said...

Looks like you all had lots of fun. That is really great that he won some ribbons. Next year they both will.
I wanted to let you know I got my awesome blog candy. Thanks so much, already enjoying some of it..

Exclusively by Mel said...

I loved looking at your photos!!
just brilliant.
Thanks so much for showing us.
What a clever family you have.
Love, Mel. xx

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