Thursday, August 18, 2011

Whimsy Stamps Inspirations #2

Did you all LOVE the first edition of this FANTASTIC magazine?? Well issue #2 is ready & available for viewing!!!

Check it out HERE -- there is even a FABULOUS interview with my new old friend Crissy Armstrong! Doesn't she just ooooooze charm?? She is sweet & talented & GORGEOUS - can you even believe she's a GRAMMA?!?!?

Sorry to be so scarce but we are busy busy busy as bees getting ready for school. My son is starting Middle School this year & had his Open House on Tuesday. Then we went back on Wednesday to try again, lol. Oh the stresses of Middle School -- new faces -- trying to get lockers open -- I don't have so & so in my homeroom -- I remember it like it was yesterday. I am looking forward to the whole routine of school -- what I am NOT looking forward to is the OBSCENE TIME I will have to get up to get ready for work before my boys get up. We share a bathroom (yes, just one full bathroom -- what were we thinking?) & Matthew has to catch the bus at 6:45, Michael has to catch the bus at 7:45, & I have to be at work at 8:30 -- do the painful math -- that means I will be getting up too-early-o'clock!!!!!! Better stock up on the Folgers!!!


Crissy Armstrong said...

Omygosh, I did the math about when you need to get up -- that is painful! You should be up for the Mommy of the decade award for that!!!
Thanks for plugging the magazine too! And THANKS! for the compliments, gosh... blushing!!!!

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