Saturday, September 3, 2011


Ok --- so as you can see I've changed my blog design. Well, ALMOST. I'm using a template from LeeLou Designs ---my last one was also from her. I remember this issue from last time too --- I downloaded the template using her instructions -- & I got the template but not the background. The background is my OLD old background, the one I had when I started my blog. A few months ago I decided to download one from her site & it did the same thing, & I remember agonizing over it. I did eventually figure it out -- I just had to change or delete one little thing -- but for the life of me I can't remember what I did! I could understand it happening last time -- since I was just changing over -- but now that this is the second time I'm changing that background should be on there at all. Anyone have any ideas??

Then I went to the site of someone I had chatted with a few months ago about creating a design for me -- she was really good & really affordable -- today I went to her site & OF COURSE she's not doing custom designs any more. So sad :(

I am really trying to get a card done -- the last week has been crazy with trying to get ready for school, all the supplies, the forms, the open houses. My kids started Thursday & while they are sad to see summer end, I think they are glad to be back in a routine with their friends. Matthew started middle school & is doing well, except NEITHER of us likes the early early hour -- Thursday I was up at 4 because I was just so darn excited for him, Friday I was up at 5:15 which will be my normal wake up time from now on. Bleah ---

Anyway, I do have an image colored & OH what a cute image it is :) Can't wait to share!

Hope you all have a FAB Labor Day weekend & hopefully someone will come to my rescue regarding the blog. Actually, the background doesn't look too bad -- the color sorta matches -- but when you first come to blog the real background that is supposed to be there blinks on for about 2 seconds, then it switches to this one. Which is just annoying -- sorry :(


Kelly Schelske said...

Hey Michelle! it looks like you still have a Hot Bliggity blog background on there somewhere..maybe if you find and delete that it should have the proper Lee Lou one. I've never had a problem with the LeeLou templates..other than rearranging my widgets. Not sure that is the fix but I notice the flag thingie up in the left hand corner.

Hugs, Kelly

Dana said...

Sorry you are having issues with your new backgrounds but I really like the one that's live!
Good luck and wish I could help :(

Cheryl said...

Love the new blog design! I think the background works!
I use Leelou too-my issue is that when I load a new template it moves all my gadgets around and I have to put them back.
Looking forward to the card-you're a tease!
Thanks for the comment on my HH boy yesterday!

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