Sunday, October 30, 2011

How much do I love Halloween??

THIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSS much!! I *heart* Halloween -- yes even more than Christmas! Wayyyyyy more! That's because there is no work involved, but it's just as much fun :)

We went to the Zoo again this year for their Trick or Treat festivities -- we went last year for the first time & I decided we are going to do it every year. Here are just a few pics from our outing (if you are my Facebook friend you may have seen these already)

They have fun displays like this one all throughout the zoo. That's the train in the background, in case you're wondering what the smoke is :) We waited until dark to ride the train -- kind of eerie riding through the zoo on a train when it's completely dark out!

Lots of pumpkin art displayed as well ....

One of my favorites :)

There were 3 guys carving pumpkins right there -- you can see one arranging a pumpkin in this display -- it was fun watching them carve -- flip flip flip DONE -- they are pumpkin artists :)

They also made this -- this pumpkin weighs 832 pounds!!

My husband would like these antlers over our fireplace!

He was chomping on something all red & meaty-like...

These 2 rhinos were so funny -- clearly they had roommate issues -- the were snorting & growling -- & drooling all over the place -- while bumping horns. I think I heard something about one always leaving the toilet seat up --

This jaguar sat perfectly still the whole time we watched -- what a beautiful creature --

This poor cheetah was pacing back & forth like he was having a panic attack. See the pumpkin in the background? They give most of the animals pumpkins -- some filled with treats -- it was fun to watch them having a snack --

I don't know, every picture I wanted to take of the boys, Michael (on the right) groaned & complained -- yeah, he sure looks like he hates having his picture taken!

There's a pathway leading around the cage where the wolves are -- & they set up ghosts, tombstones & other scaries -- & they have music & lights all synced so the lights are "dancing" -- so cool!

Hmmmm.... I don't think these guys are from Milwaukee...

Sitting for a spell ..... hahaa get it?? A SPELL -- yeah it would have been funnier if that were a witch in the background.

We had such a fun time -- the weather was perfect -- & it was so fun seeing the little ones dressed up :)

Today was our Trick or Treat & the weather is not as nice. Very windy & we got rained on -- usually we are really lucky with the weather -- last year it was warm & sunny. Ah well, at least it didn't snow (we've experienced that while Trick or Treating as well. You just never know in Wisconsin)

One of Michael's pumpkins. Yes, Halloween is spelled wrong, lol

Their other pumpkins...

Not a very good one of the boys -- kind of blurry -- but you get the picture. One dressed up, one did not. Hmmmmm....

I hope you had a fun filled Halloween -- I'd love to hear what you did & let me know if you took pictures -- I'd really like to see them! Halloween comes & goes way too quickly -- & from now until the end of the year I'm going to feel like I can't breathe. That's why Halloween is my favorite -- no pressure! No last minute gifts to buy! No malls!!!

Happy Halloween everyone!! I'm off to get my roasted pumpkin seeds out of the oven ....

EDITED --- & here they are -- all together now -- Yummmmmmmmmmm!!


Niki Estes said...

That looks like so much fun! Our town never does trick or treating early so we'll be taking the kids out tomorrow. The deer ate the faces out of our pumpkins! Darn deer. That's the first time they've done that. I better get to carving the extra pumpkin with the kiddos so we at least have one to light up. Can you share your pumpkin seed recipe? I tried roasting them for the first time this year and I'm not sure I like how they turned out. Have a great week!

Elise said...

Awwww man! I wish WE had something like that here in town! How cooool is this?! We would have SO much fun!!! Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful pics!


Cheryl said...

Hi Michellle! Great post! Loved all the pics of the zoo-sounds so fun! I, too, love Halloween the most!!
Yummy seeds! Gotta carve my pumpkin this afternoon before the trick or treaters come! Wish it was a day off work!

Cheryl said...

So fun! Thanks for sharing your pics with us. I never thought of going to the zoo for Halloween - what a great idea!

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