Saturday, May 12, 2012

Our tour of Miller Park

Hi all!! Hope you're enjoying your weekend! I am spending the day catching up on things so I can enjoy Mother's Day tomorrow :)

I just wanted to share some pics of a super fun day my family had recently. We've only been to one Brewers game since Miller Park was built, & we had a blast. What could be more fun than a game?? A TOUR of the stadium! 

We went with our 4H group, & we decided that we were going to have a potluck lunch before the tour. Unfortunately the one day it wasn't 70 & sunny, was the day we planned to have lunch outside. It was wet, it was cold & we all ended up eating in our cars. 

Except for the few diehards you see here - don't they look cold?

The seagulls were hanging around our cars, waiting for some scraps. Wow, are they MEAN! What do they call them?? Rats with wings? Can you see that one about to ambush the one with the food? LOL - they were quite entertaining!

Here are the boys with Mickey, all decked out in his Brewers gear - in front of the Pro Shop, which is full of all things Brewer - insanely priced, of course.

Here are the 3 of us with Bernie Brewer -- you know, the dude that goes down the slide when the Brewers hit a home run? Pardon my hair, as I mentioned it was RAINING!

I couldn't NOT take a picture of this -- this is where Bob Eucker himself sits when he announces the games. Even if you aren't a Brewers fan, you MUST know Bob! Mr. Belvedere? Major League? He's a riot!

Lots of these in the press box walls - they should really keep those windows closed -

Matthew & me in the dugout -

Here's Bernie's slide I was talking about. Back in the old County Stadium, he used to slide into a mug of beer, lol. Can't believe they took his beer away :(

Standing ON THE FIELD -- looking at home plate -

We had such a blast -- I highly recommend taking a tour of your baseball stadium -- I'm sure they all do it -- check their web site! 

I'll be back tomorrow with my card for Sundays with Crissy!


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