Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Five

Happy Friday to all!! This week has been a coooooold one - in case you were confused, fall is here! 

I took this photo of my Burning Bush about 2 weeks ago - & now it's FIRE red! Must get out there with the camera before it's all gone, covered with snow!

Here are my Random 5 whoozits for the week:

1: I am not amused by the weather. Not only did I have to turn my heat on in the house last weekend, I had to cave & put my electric blanket on my bed AND dig out my flannel pj's. It's only October! It's going to be a loooong winter. 

2: My husband bought a new car. Well, not NEW new - new to us. This, after his car was totaled a few weeks ago. 3rd car of his totaled in 3 years. And surprisingly, it does NOT get easier with experience. 

3: Had my first High School Parent Teacher conferences on Monday. Of course, my son rocks. Genius. How cool is it to hear from the Computer Apps teacher that when she gets stuck with something she asks my son for help? I told her I do the same. I am grateful for my in-house Tech Support!

4: I was looking for a popcorn popper & did NOT know which to buy. I've always made microwave popcorn. Well, the few times we have it. But my kids are eating more of it lately, & I'm worried about all the bad stuff I've heard about micro popcorn. I tried making it on the stove but failed miserably. I went to both Kohl's & Target, knowing I probably wanted the West Bend Stir Crazy. Lots of my Facebook friends said they loved it. Couldn't find it at either store. In fact, each store had just ONE popper on their shelves. Didn't want either. But at Target I did find this: 

It's the Nordic Ware Microwave Popper, & I had seen it online when I was researching others. Only $9 at Target, & I've read nothing but great reviews. Just put the popcorn in, with or without oil, & stick in the microwave. Easier to clean up than a big popper. Haven't tried it yet, but will this weekend. I have lots of plans for yummy flavored popcorn, thanks to THIS BLOG. If you love sweets & have never visited, go now. Run. You'll understand when you get there. 

5: Next Thursday is Halloween. Then starts the big run-on holiday season. Merry Thanksmas!!! 

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Buttons said...

Oh I am craving popcorn now:) Good parent teacher conference with a good student is always a wonderful thing. B

Snap said...

nice to have your own techie! the popcorn popper looks great -- thanks for doing all the research. sorry about the car. i like cooler weather, but i live where the heat lasts *forever*! ;) have a great week.

Rose said...

3rd car totaled in three years! I hope no one was hurt.

Nancy Claeys said...

Your corn popper was a good bargain -- hope it works out well for you!

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