Friday, October 11, 2013

What a crazy week -my Random Five

What a week it was. I can't say there was too much good about it but I'll try. Maybe I'll make a list of "good five" & "not so good five". Yeah, that's what I'll do.

Good Five:

1) Our company closed early today, & our CEO took us bowling. Although, I didn't bowl, I didn't eat, I didn't drink any alcohol, & all I did was think of all the stuff I needed to be doing rather than being there. Wait, this is supposed to the GOOD five. Let me start over.

Our company closed early today, & our CEO took us bowling. Great way to spend a Friday afternoon!

2) My son's birthday is tomorrow. He'll be 15. I keep telling myself that's GOOD but I'm sad. I miss Blue's Clues, preschool & Candyland. I mean, YAY my son turns 15 tomorrow! 

3) I hate pumpkin. I hate the taste & I hate the smell. But you know what I DO like? Apple Pumpkin tarts from Yankee Candle! Bought one a month ago & just melted it for the first time last night. Mmmmmmm

4) Beautiful weather all week here in Wisconsin -- 70's & sunny, my very favorite! Makes for some beautiful skies {see photo above}

5) The Packers won on Sunday - yet ANOTHER win at home against the Lions. So sorry, Detroit :)

Not So Good Five:

1) My hubby got into a car accident last week Friday, his birthday, on his way home from work. 3rd accident in 3 years. He was sitting at a light, & someone slammed into him. Found out yesterday his car is totaled. So we get to go through the obnoxious process of dealing with the insurance company & looking for a car. Again.

2) Construction. I live 10 minutes away from work. It took me 25 to get to work this morning, so I went a different way home. Took me 40 minutes to get home. Yep, that's about right.

3) Went to the dentist, & for the first time in 4 years I need work done. I need a crown. And I'm not talking about the kind with rhinestones. Ouch in so many ways. On the bright side - Nitrous Oxide. 

4) We need a new roof & it's torture picking out the shingle & gutter colors. A lot of money for something so unfun. I think I'll have a party when it's done. You know, so everyone can come see .... my new roof. Woohoo.

5) I was putting groceries in the back of my minivan yesterday, & the handle snapped. Yep, completely broken. It could have been worse. I didn't think the door would shut. I was wondering how I was going to get home with my back hatch wide open. Luckily it did shut. It just doesn't open. I'm sure that one little latch will cost several hundred dollars to fix. 

So there ya go - the best & the worst of my week. Hoping you all had a week filled with only good things! 

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Beth @ E. Lizard Breath Speaks said...

that is cute that you love the candle smell but not the pumpkin flavor in general. interesting.

gorgeous shot. what a beautiful sunset.

i hope the buying new car goes well of you all ... that's tough. ( :

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

My hubs got a ticket this week for a red light violation - $100 - thanks for making me feel not so bad about that. :)

Melissa Bliss Rich said...

Oh my, what a week! Thank goodness for gorgeous sunsets!!

So sorry about the accident and the dental work. I hope next week is much brighter for you!

Jocelyn said...

So sorry about your eventful week! I completely understand about your son, my oldest is 14!! Where does the time go?? Here's to better weeks ahead!!

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