Friday, November 8, 2013

My Random Five

TGIF! There's one thought right there! I hope you all had a good week - mine was ..... well here is my week told in random thoughts. 

1: I feel like I missed fall. The above photo was taken 2 days ago. I swear a week ago the leaves were just starting to turn & I was patiently awaiting the color. Either the leaves fell off before they turned .... or I've been asleep all week! 

2: Also this week, my son has been sick. All. Week. I had to leave work early on Monday & I had to call in on Tuesday. I sent him to school on Wednesday (after all -- no fever, no puking) but got a call at 1:00 to pick him up. I feel horribly for him & if I were still a stay at home mom I would have kept him home all 3 days with no guilt. On the other hand, I am VERY lucky that I work for an amazing employer who never ever frowns upon moms (or dads) missing work for family reasons. 

3: Thankfully, he's starting to feel better - but we are faced with a weekend FULL of homework. That's no fun :(

4: My husband went up north to go hunting this week. Which is fine, except he installed a new bathroom faucet right before he left. I give him a D-. We have a bucket under the sink right now. 

5: I'm starting to think nothing good happened this week! Let's see ..... well .... I filled up my gas tank today for $3.04 a gallon! Yep, that's about the best thing happened this week. It was definitely one of those weeks. 

~linking up with A Rural Journal (even though technically she's not doing the linky thing anymore, she's still having everyone join her in Random 5 Friday. You just need to post your link in the comments) & High Five for Friday~


Rose said...

Well, we had a better fall than I thought we would...but seems like I have not got to get out and enjoy it much.

Your week sounds are blessed to have employers like you have...when I worked I was blessed that way,too.

LisaS said...

Beautiful fall photo. Hope you are enjoying Random 5...

Nancy Claeys said...

We all have weeks like that... just grin and bare (bear?) it. :)

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