Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas is O-V-E-R

and I could NOT be happier! That's right, call me Ms. Grinch but I'm so glad it's all over. Now if I could just hire someone to take down my Christmas tree & put all my Christmas decorations away. Oh wait, I have kids. And they work for free! 

I did take a few pictures of our Christmas but haven't even looked through them yet. I did, however, get a few shots of what our holiday looked like outside

Isn't it .... um .... white?? 

Here is what's left of my burning bush. I guess I never noticed the berries they get after the leaves fall off. I'm sure the birds love them. Well, they did love them, before they froze. Hope they like their berries on the rocks! 


Squirrel x said...

Hey there Mrs Grinch, no need to get your green fur in a tangle, it is almost over now. I know this because I darned well have to go back to work soon! I love looking at your winter whiteness, we don't have any here, just gales and rain. HNY Huggles xx

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