Monday, February 17, 2014

More snow pictures

Because you can never have enough, right? Well no .... that's not right. I definitely have enough snow pictures & I've definitely had enough of winter. But ... there's not much else to take pictures of these days LOL. No pretty flowers .... no pretty birds (except for the male cardinal who will NOT stay still for me. How rude) .... no baseball for the boys .... just ..... white .... a lot of white ....

I actually like winter. No, really - I do! But ... not this winter. I am done & ready for warm weather. The snow is beautiful but after 3 months of it I want to see some GREEN. 

No, not brown -- GREEN. 

I know I shouldn't complain. This winter has sucked for everyone but Florida. The northeast has gotten more snow than the midwest, the west can't get any precipitation at all & England ....  oooooo poor England. I guess I'm not TOO sad to be where I am. 

This was taken from my kitchen patio door. Gosh I hope that grill still works. LOL

I'm thinking we probably should have put that beautiful verdigris birdbath in the shed last fall .....

I think the only birds using that birdbath are snowbirds. hahahaaaaaa. Hey, I told you it's been a long winter.

Thank goodness for the Olympics. I'm not usually glued to the tv as I am this time around. I think I'm most hooked on the snowboarders. Those people are nuts! 

And American Idol .... I am sooooo glad they have human judges this year. I did not watch last year for the first time ever. Those divas were just too much for me. Loving all three judges this year, they work so well together ..... & I love that it's back to being about the contestants. I really wanted Kaitlyn Jackson to make the cut - she was my favorite audition. But sadly she didn't. I do have my eye on a couple of others. Are you watching? Who are you rooting for? 


Tammi said...

So crazy! I feel for you, let's just hope it doesn't all melt really fast. Last week we had 8" in 2 days and thankfully it's all gone now with our 50 deg weather. On AI-hahaha on the human judges! Yes, they were horrible last year. Happy with the judges this year and at this point there are too many I like!

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