Friday, March 7, 2014

Random Five Friday

Gahhhh these are the only posts I seem to get to these days! Sorry - but I do like recapping my week. Especially GOOD weeks :)

1: DST this weekend! Woohooooo ready to spring forward!! I've been ready since we went OFF DST lol. It's supposed to be 46 degrees on Monday!! That's right - it will be shorts weather here in Wisconsin & I can't wait! Pretty soon I'll be back to taking photos of my flowers:

2: I'm going to the high school tonight to see the musical "Lil Abner". I don't know much about it but I do love musicals, & I love seeing kids I know performing. And the best part? My musical-hating son is going with me! I'm pretty sure he just feels sorry for me, but it wouldn't be the first pity date I've ever had.

3: Tomorrow night my son is performing at a bar with his guitar-mates. Every year his guitar teacher puts together a student rock concert, where the kids pick out a song to learn, he provides the backing track (minus guitar), & they get up on stage & perform. Super fun. His teacher is also in a band, which happens to be playing after the concert, & he cleared it with management to allow the kids to stay until 10 to hear them. It will be a blast! 

In case you're interested in last year's performance - he performed a Slash song - ignore the clicks, I was taking stills during recording & didn't realize it would be so loud LOL. I'm such an amateur!

The Godfather Theme

4: I won a blog giveaway! Dawn at Because I Said So (you should really read her blog, she's a hoot!) was giving away some new products from Suave & I won! I  never win! And ... my goodies arrived today already! Can't wait to try them. I'm sure I'll enjoy them extra much JUST because I won them :)

5: The only downside to the week - my younger one is sick :(  Actually my hubby & older son have been sick all week too, but neither missed any school/ work. Michael did - he spent the day at grandma's yesterday, & he made it just past lunchtime today. So ... he's in his pj's & curled up with his apple juice & Elwood, watching Disney. It could be worse :)

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Jennie said...

That's so cool that your son gets to do a rock concert! Fun! Would love if you would come link up with me today!

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Great randoms Michelle! Glad your weather is warming up! xo

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