Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring is here???

I spotted one of these this morning:

Good-bye, long & harsh winter!

(ok, well I'm in Wisconsin, so it may not be completely over. We've had snow in April. Heck, we've had snow in May! #whydoilivehere)


Tammi said...

Beautiful! Happy Spring Michelle...I think we're all ready for it. Thankfully we've been in the 70s this week, love it! ~hugs

Squirrel x said...

In the UK that would be a canary and stuffed in a cage! Wow, loving your bright wildlife. I really need to post you a picture of some of the brown things we have here. Unless it's a blackbird of course, but Mrs is brown, so it still could be one of those. I'm rambling aren't I? Huggles xx

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