Saturday, April 19, 2014

Weekly random 5

Ok, I usually do this on Friday but the day got away from me. Here are my Saturday random thoughts about this week: 

1: A new Hobby Lobby opened near us a few weeks ago. I wish it had opened a few years ago when I was into paper crafting. I'm so glad they waited to build one until I no longer participated in crafts. Saving me lots of moola! Well, except for the home decor. My son & I went the other night (yes, my 15 year old son *willingly* went with me to Hobby Lobby. What a trooper!) & I bought this for my kitchen wall:

Adorable, no? It will look even better if I ever get around to painting my walls, right now they are white & definitely need some color!

2: What's up with American Idol? They are totally sending the wrong people home! I know, it's up to the voters. I've been voting like crazy, yet Sam is still there :(  I really wanted Caleb to win the whole thing, but I really wanted Dexter to stick around a bit longer. He's WAY better than Sam. And yes, I did vote for Dexter! 

3: What a crazy spring we (& everyone else) are having. I was not happy with the temps this week - 40's, after a few days of 60's the week before. HOWEVER - my in laws, who live about 4 hours north of us, received about 16" of snow the other day. That would be on top of the 12" that was already on the ground. Yeah, 40's aren't so bad ....

4: I bought my son a new amp this week. It. Totally. Rocks! We were at my cousin's house a couple of weeks ago, & he has this one. Matthew loved playing around with it, & it just so happens his old amp died so he HAD to have this one. It's got dozens of effects right on the amp, but it also has software that you can download for even more effect using your computer. Totally fun! Here he is rocking out ....

5: Tomorrow is Easter, the first major holiday without my grandma. There are going to be lots of tears. I edited my pictures from Christmas the other night so I could get them ordered & be able to give them to my uncle & cousin. I was bawling. It's not going to be a fun day. I will need chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate. So glad the Easter Bunny is visiting, I'm sure he'll leave me lots!

Hope you all had a good week, & that you have a great Easter Sunday.  ~~ linking up with Lauren Elizabeth ~~


Stressed Stamper said...

Rocker in the making?....Happy Easter
Sarah x

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