Friday, July 25, 2014

Fab Friday

Happy Friday to all! I hope your week was great! Here are some of my random happenings this week:

1: Sunday was the last day of our County Fair & I'm happy to report we had beautiful weather all 5 days. That never happens! I'm so proud of my kids and the projects they completed. And we got a surprise when we went back after the judging had been complete - Michael earned a purple Champion ribbon for his Peanut Brittle! 

It's extra funny because the recipe is so ridiculously easy - that's why I picked it, I figured he could handle it. And I'd never tried it, so I kind of took a chance with that one. Guess I'll be sharing that recipe with you all soon! 

2: It was a yummy food-filled day at work today. Popeye's Chicken is one of our accounts, & a few of their peeps were visiting our office today. So .... we had a catered Popeye's lunch! AND one of our vendors sent a HUGE Edible Arrangements fruit basket! AND a co-worker brought in doughnuts for her birthday. AND another brought brownies ... just because. Yep, I think I'll need to go for 4 walks tonight.

3: Speaking of walks, my son & I had been going for walks almost every night since about May. We had gotten up to almost 3 miles. Then I got sick. The walking stopped. I was lucky I could get myself to work. Whatever I had lasted over 2 weeks. Then with baseball & getting ready for the fair .... there was no time & we totally dropped the ball. Happy to report, we went for a walk last night & I almost died. But I didn't!!! We were a bit slower than the last time we walked but we made it!

4: My flowers are doing fabulously!! Usually by mid July we've had a ton of heat & no rain, & I get tired of watering every day so my flowers start to look sad. Not this year!

5: My son is all signed up for Driver's Ed *** sniffle *** Time really does go fast. When he was born, I remember thinking "Gosh I hope they raise the driving age to 18 by the time he's 16". That hasn't happened. And while I'm happy for him that he'll have the independence that comes with driving, I'm not happy for me. I foresee lots of wrinkles & gray hair coming my way! 

How was your week? 

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Samantha K said...

Your flowers are gorgeous and congratulations to Michael for getting a Champion ribbon! That's awesome!

Stressed Stamper said...

Peanut brittle yes please - but not in "cups" ounces or grams please if you can...BRILLIANT photography would have laughed at me trying to pronounce Waukesha - my girls always used to enter our local fair too...happy days..
Have a great weekend
Sarah x

Stressed Stamper said...

also - what is Drivers Ed?
Sarah x

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