Wednesday, May 27, 2015

~~ A sibling-versary ~~

Hello friends, I hope your Memorial weekend was .... memorable :)

Mine was fun, I spent it with my brother & his family. 

In fact, it was our one year sibling-versary. We met on Memorial Day, last year. I had just learned about him the week before. After 46 years of being an only child .... well, no longer an only. And I couldn't be happier. 

Here's the photo from the day we met. I'll never forget the feeling. 

He's my brother.

365 days later (well, I guess it's now 366) .... we have grown incredibly close. He's married to the sweetest, funniest woman (also adopted!) .... & they have the most adorable girl, who just turned 14 (also adopted!). I love them all. 

I won't tell the whole story again, but if you are interested (since this really only ever happens on tv!!) here is the link to my original post: The Best Memorial Day Ever

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Wonderful Wednesday (even more wonderful when it's a 4 day work week!)

{PS - because it was my niece's birthday last week - I may have made a card. And if I did make a card, I may just show it in my next post. Just sayin'}


Irion said...

That's great that you've found each other after so much time has passed. I can't imagine what it must have felt like to finally meet.

Stressed Stamper said...

I remember the orig posting...happy memorial day...but the dog pic - Is that yr dog? did you get it to do that?
Sarah x

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