Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A little game

Happy Tuesday! Today we are playing "What the heck is THAT?"

See if you can guess what this is:

Hint: we were at the State Fair. (My son was eating it in the car on the way home). 

Sorry, no prizes for the correct answer. But you get bragging rights! 


Squirrel x said...

Well, from a Brit ignorant on US eating habits, it looks like an Oreo sandwich!! xx

Chris K in Wisconsin said...

We won't make it to the State Fair this year, and it surely isn't a cream puff. In the paper on Sunday it said there are something like 130+ different fried foods this year......... is it a fried Hostess cupcake?? It looks good!!

Maria@sewtravelinspired said...

Michelle, my guess is a deep fried oreo. What a fun game. When will we know what it is? Come share this party at Snickerdoodle Sunday. The party is in full swing. We start at 3 PM Saturday. Here is the link. http://www.sewtravelinspired.com/ Our party goers would love it. While you're there share a comment on a natural wonder near you.

Debbie Rodrigues said...

Now you got me curious, Michelle.
When will we know the answer? ;)

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