Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Update ~ halfway through our visit

Well, I had really planned on posting DAILY while our exchange student was here, so I could tell you all about him & what all the kids are doing every day .... but there just hasn't been a single spare minute. We have been busy busy busy ... trying to cram as much activity as we can into these 2 weeks. And this week is Homecoming so the fun will just keep going :)

It has been an absolute blast having him here. I was so nervous about having someone ... a *foreign* someone, to boot .... stay here for 2 weeks, but I absolutely love him & I don't want to give him back. He is just so sweet & he & my son get along great. All the German students & hosts get along & there have been quite a few parties/ bonfires that they've attended. We even had one here on Saturday ... first one in our new fire pit that isn't even finished. I mean, it WORKS ... there was fire ... it just doesn't look very pretty yet. 

I'll just skip over the part where they decided {on their own} to also burn the entire pile to the left of the pit. It was huge. The pile AND the fire. Yeeks. 

Saturday was our Fall Fest here in town & my son played a song on his guitar in front of the music store where he takes lessons. They have a stage set up & live music all day. I tried to videotape it, but Matthew said I cut it off halfway. Which is weird, because I didn't even breathe the whole time he was playing, let along hit the stop button. I told him to record it here at home so I can post it :)

I laughed when I posted this picture on Facebook, I didn't realize the signs on the store window over their heads .... Dominik is "new" & Matthew is "used". 

We couldn't NOT treat our German to a night of Ponza Rottas. What? You've never heard of a Ponza Rotta?? Maybe because our town invented them, & I guess they never spread outside the county hahaa. It's basically a deep fried calzone as big as your head.

Yes, that is a regular size plate! 

So much other fun stuff ... the kids all went to Lazer Tag one night .... downtown to sit by the river & watch the sun set .... tennis games (yes, Dominik got MY ROCKER SON to try tennis. My son thought nothing of wearing his Led Zeppelin t-shirt, ponytail & aviators .... oh how I wish I could have watched. I think Matthew said he got lucky & hit one ball. Out of about 40. hahaa). We also had another German student here one night for dinner because his host had cross country practice & he was just as aweome, & so funny. Seriously, these kids are amazing. They tell great stories .... I don't know how they can be so stinkin FUNNY when English isn't even their first language! They are smart, well traveled ... they've both done many exchanges & speak many languages ... the only downside to all this is I'm going to cry for a looooong time when he leaves. Thank goodness for the internet so at least it will be easy to keep in touch.

And ..... this has nothing to do with the German, as he was already sound asleep when this happened .... but here are a few shots of the lunar eclipse from the other night. They don't compare to some of the photos I've seen online around the world, but I still had fun taking them. 

Enjoy your week!


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