Sunday, January 3, 2016

Binge worthy

So, with 4 days off because of the holiday, I had every intention of trying to make a card. I've gotten as far as picking out the stamp I shall use. That's it. What have I been doing??? Well, aside from the 34 loads of laundry, the meals I had to make & clean up, the Christmas stuff I packed away & the errands I had to run, I've been doing this: 

Have you watched??? Oh my goodness, if you haven't then please do. It is the best documentary I've ever watched in my life. I live in Wisconsin. Not all that far from the county in which this murder took place. I've definitely driven through Manitowoc. I remember the story. I remember thinking "why would a man who was WRONGLY in prison for 18 years murder someone?" I then remember justifying it with "some people who have spent a lot of time in prison miss it when they get out. They can't adjust to living a normal life so they do what it takes to go back". Never did I ever think he was framed. There are 10 1 hour episodes. I'm halfway through #7. I've cursed, yelled, & shaken my head more times while watching .... & I'm not even done. I of course know how it ends. I'm pretty sure I will rewatch the whole thing when I'm done. So many details. So many lies. So many crooked people. Please please PLEASE watch if you haven't. And if you do {or already have} you know where you can find me to discuss :)

Enjoy your Sunday!


Tracy said...

Thanks for the tip, I am going to check it out.

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