Friday, January 15, 2016

What I learned this week

First of all ....


Ok, I could list a LOT of things I learned this week {like .... don't let son park RIGHT in front of your car in the garage, lest he not be able to start his car} but I'm talking paper crafts here. Card making. Stamping. The thing I used to do a lot of but haven't in recent years. 

I had some free time on Monday & made a card. And I enjoyed it. I only was frustrated 8 or 9 times. I felt like I didn't know what I was doing. But I still enjoyed it. Actually, maybe it was the peace & quiet I enjoyed. Regardless, it was fun having time for myself again. 

So here's what I learned: 

1) Everyone was right. Once you are a paper crafter, you are a paper crafter for life. You may give it up for a few weeks or years, but you will always come back to it. I miss it. 

2) A paper crafter can sell 3/4 of her supplies & still have so much that she is overwhelmed trying to find that one "thing" she needs to finish her card.

3) A lot has changed in the last few years. New papers (did you see the gauze paper I used on my card?? Gauze paper!) .... new supplies .... new techniques. I now know nothing about stamping. 

4) I need a new cutter. I have a Tonic, which I love. At least, I loved it until I tried cutting a slab of cork with it. Don't do that. It's now just ok. And I have no idea where I bought it. Heck, they probably don't even make it anymore. But now there are SO MANY cutters out there, I don't know what's good & what's not. 

5) I also need a new Cuttlebug, or something similar. My handle broke. Like, a loooong time ago. When I used it on Monday, I wondered how I dealt with a broken handle for so long. But like the cutter, there are now sooooo many different embosser/ die cutter thingies out there, I have no idea what to buy. I do know it's time to give my Cuttlebug a proper funeral & burial. 

6) It's definitely time to browse the forums on SCS again. The only time I've been there the last few years was to upload my few cards to my gallery. I like to have them all in one place & I love the format of the SCS gallery. So easy to see all my creations at a glance. But the chat boards are awesome too. I learned everything I know knew there. Time to reintroduce myself.

7) Paper crafters are still my favorite people in the world. Well, besides my kids of course. My kids are my favorite people. Most days.

My son & I were discussing redoing the basement so that we each have our separate space. Not that I don't like being practically on top of him when I'm down there. But it would be nice to have my own corner. I took pictures of our basement the other day. Not only am I way too tired right now to load them onto my computer, but I am also a bit embarrassed by the state of affairs down there. It is BAD. The catch all for everything that doesn't have a permanent home. I do have a plan though, & with his help I hope to have it functional & pretty-ish in the next month or so. Paint .... a new futon (the 70's sofa bed has GOT to go) ... some storage .... because now is the time to do it, when it's zero degrees outside & we all just want to hibernate. 

Ok, well I have some searching on Pinterest to do .... hope you all have a great weekend! If you are in the midwest, stay warm!! 


kate steeper said...

on the broken cuttlebug handle ...a friend emailed them on a model she had for years and they just sent the replacement part no questions asked , it was a while ago but worth a try

Princess Judy Palmer said...

The Tonic paper cutter is still around. Mine was awesome too until I tried to pull it out from under the cat by the handle. I think I tweaked the cutting place. Now it is just okay. I had to laugh that once a paper crafter always a paper crafter, so you are saying I was doomed since kindergarten?!!! And the bit about you can sell 3/4 of your stash and still be overwhelmed. Where did it all come from? Does it really multiply in the night? It has to! That's the only explanation.

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