Monday, July 7, 2008


Well, I think I have made considerable progress over the last few days! I bought some organizational cubes & shelves throughout the week, although I thought I would need a lot more than I bought. It's amazing what those little drawers will hold!! If you will recall (& I'm sure the images are burned into your brain forever) HERE are the pictures of my stamp area before.

Here are some of my after pictures!!!!

Here is my now very clean desk ~~ look how much space I actually have to work on!!! There are some essentials that will forever be on my desk ~~ the stamp pads I use with just about every project (Stazon!!), my Tombow glue, my scrubber, my stumps, my gel sense in putting these away because these are things I'm always grabbing for.

Here is my "shrine" of cards ~~~ you will see a lot of cards by Anna Wight :) I just about died when I received my first card from her. I admired her from afar, & didn't think she knew I existed (much like High School, sigh). I PM'd her to thank her, we chatted, & over the last couple of years we've become friends. I went on to receive many more cards from her, & now we're even on a design team together!!!! I still idolize you Anna!!! There are also a couple of things from Lana Lepinski (another idol) & Ila/Craftess (yet another idol), & my friend Cris just sent me an adorable 4th of July card. The 2 photo boxes are filled with RAK's I've received over the last couple of years. I cherish each & every one of them! And of course, the necessary tins of M&M's. Yes, there are actually M&M's in them ~ peanut on the left, peanut butter on the right. I'm guessing I will be refilling those often. Oh, & I must mention the cards hanging out at the top of the picture ~~ those were made for me by my 9 year old son. He loves to create & I moved a table & all his art stuff down here so he can create right next to me :)

I don't have much wall space to hang shelves, but I did put this up ~~ it's a shelf I had in my room at my parents house, many many moons ago. I knew I was hanging onto it for a reason!! It perfectly fits my Primas & Dew Drops! Until I buy more, that is!

I really need to find a 2 drawer file cabinet for all my 8 1/2 X 11 paper. Right now they are in these 2 crates. Which works ~~ I can put hanging files in them & they are separated by color family, then by each color. I have a folder for misc papers that I use mostly for matting (or scraps), a folder for my PTI white paper, my Cryogen shimmer paper, & my most recent beloved discovery ~ Bazzill Bling! I would really like a WHITE file cabinet, but I don't want metal. I think I will have to settle for either wood, or a heavy plastic. Right now I have nowhere to put my Cuttlebug & accessories, or my Tonic Cutter. I think they will go on that yet-to-be-purchased file cabinet.

I broke down & bought the Making Memories turnabout with my 50% coupon last week. I wasn't sure how much I had to put it in it. But as you can see, I found plenty to fill it with! And it will still hold even more ~ amazing how much you can cram into this thing!! I had been looking at the Pampered Chef turnabout, but I like that these compartments are shallower ~ makes it easier for me to find stuff!

I have other pictures to share as well, but I wanted you to get the gist of what I got done. It does look so much better, but I have to really think about where I put things. I went to reach for a punch yesterday, which had been in a box under my desk, then remembered they were neatly stored in a drawer. I haven't labeled my drawers yet ~ & I probably won't until I'm positive everything is staying where it is ~~ so it's sometimes a mystery where an item is. But this does work much better. It's not as pretty as some of the spaces/rooms I've seen ~~~ check out the pukey peach walls ~~ but I'm grateful for my little space :)

I'm hoping to be back later with a card ~~ it is dark & gloomy & miserable here in Wisconsin this morning so I can't take a picture. I'm hoping to see some daylight soon!!! It's almost 10:00 am & it looks like it's midnight!!!!


Katy said...

I need to do this right now. After my last class, my craft cave looks like a giant picked up the whole room and gave it a good shake...sigh

Niki Estes said...

Your space is looking great! What a neat collection of cards you have. I love the photos of you kitties, too. :) Have a great day!

Loretta's Blog said...

Love the oom!

Its a nice creative space!

Teresa said...

Thanks for sharing your stamping space! Looks great!!!

Lorie said...

It looks great Michelle! Now...get busy and make us something fabulous to look at! :o)

Cris Z said...

I am honored that my card is in your shrine, along with the likes of Anna and Lana etc. You put my craft area to shame, guess I better get busy and straighten up!

Valerie said...

your space looks GREAT!

Melzie said...

My area was so clean... then I packed for a retreat, LOL! :)

Maybe I'll use teh excuse of not being able to sleep right now to clean it up.... maybe... ;)

Jen said...

Fabulous room!

Ila said...

Hey!! Yay!!I'm a star!! I see my card on in your shrine!! I'm so honered!!
Your space looks very organized..I am hoping to pick up some tips!!

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