Sunday, July 6, 2008

Apologies, & a pic of my fur-babies!

I'm not sure how the whole subscription thing works. If I edit a post, are you notified? If so, some of you are getting a whole lot of notifications!! I'm still trying to work out the spacing issue ~ I wish I weren't so anal about it but I am ~~ AND the picture thing. I did some research, spoke with a friend who uses Blogger, & I *think* I know now how to make my pictures enlarge-able. I'm not going to redo my current posts, unless someone reallllllly wants to see something close up (like my mess? Ha!) but from now on it should work. So much to learn!!!

My stamping area is close to being totally organized!! Okay, not *totally* but way better than it was!! I still have some issues that will probably be ongoing, & I will be asking for your suggestions in those areas. I will hopefully post some pictures tomorrow so stay tuned for the "after" shots.

I came across this adorable picture of my fur-babies, Jake & Elwood (& what movie did I get those names from??).

Jake is on top, he's my diabetic kitty who receives insulin twice a day. He used to be heavier, but lost a bit due to the diabetes & I'm sure the diet he's on has helped. He now weighs 20 pounds. Elwood is a mere 26 pounds, knock on wood he hasn't developed any health problems at all. They are brothers, & I know diabetes is a genetic thing even in cats so we watch him like a hawk. But honestly they do NOT eat a lot, no table food, Purina DM (diabetic management) & only low carb, high protein canned. Guess we just grow them big here :)


snap_scrap_stamp said...

So happy to see your blog!! LOVE the new High Hopes stamps!!!

Ila said... the photo of your fur babies!!..and my gosh they are "Buddy" is barely 13 lbs...soaking wet!!

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