Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Deja vu!

Seen this card before, have you??? Yes, it's a "redo". I just had to redo my Copic clown card. Why?? Just too many goofs. And because I sell my cards on Ebay, they can't have any goofs. So ~~~~ I tore the image panel off & put a new one on. Unfortunately, my Copic blender pen really did die, so I couldn't use my Copics. So I turned to my trusty Prisma pencils & Gamsol. Which, of course, makes this card no longer a WT card since the challenge was to use Copics. You can see that card here.

Notice I also took this picture outside. Seems the only way I can get a clear picture now is to take it outside. Which is just weird, because I didn't have to do that before. I took all my pictures right next to my patio door, where there is plenty of natural light. But now my camera has decided that's not good enough. So.....outside it is!! I used the exact same colors I used on my other card, because I kept all the other panels intact. Instead of Stickles on the flower, this time I used my Spica glitter pen so it's just a shimmery flower instead of a sparkly one :) This card *will* enlarge if you click on it (unless that's broken too) since I made less boo-boos on this one, lol!

I ended up having to uninstall my whole email program on Sunday, & I know I had some important emails sitting in my inbox that I now cannot get to. If you emailed me in the last few days & I haven't emailed you back, please resend it. I'm still trying to recoup everything I lost ~~ my contacts, my folders, my addresses. I saved them onto my desktop, but I have to convert then to a file that my current email can read, then I can import them. Computers ~ can't live with them, can't live without them!!

Thanks for your continued concern about my hubby. He's still on a liquid diet, only because no solids will go down at this point. He won't be able to eat until after his surgery, which isn't even scheduled yet. It's been rough on him ~~ he's a welder, which is very physical work. Add to that the heat in the factory in August, & no food other than soup, & I'm surprised he hasn't keeled over by now. After Googling info about the surgery, it looks like he will still be on liquids for a few weeks after. I told him I'll start buying him some baby food!

Well, I've got a whole list of things to get done today ~~ none of which include sitting on the computer. I haven't been stamping with everything else going on, but I'm hoping to get something done soon. I'm sure you don't visit my blog to see cards you've already seen, hear about my computer woes, or to find out about my husband's diet (or lack thereof). As always, thanks for visiting, & have a great Tuesday!!!!


Niki Estes said...

This card is just as cute as the other one! Good luck to hubby with the baby food! It may provide at least a little more nutrition. Hope he gets on the road to recovery soon. It's no wonder you don't have time to stamp right now, Michelle! Take card of yourself, too!

Laurie in MN said...

Has the doctor suggested Ensure for your husband to drink? One can gives on average 250 calories and is full of vitamins and minerals. Vanilla tastes better than chocolate.

Slim fast is another option. Make sure a dietician visits after the surgery.And if one thing doesn't work, call her and ask for other options.

If Ensure is to hard to digest, Nestle makes a variety of nutritional drinks that are easier on the digestive system.

Inge said...

Hi Michelle, take care girl. It's always very hard to see the people you love most suffering...When is his surgery planned?

Hang on, you and your family are in my thoughts:-)

Inge xo

Cris A said...

Fun card! The coloring is awesome!
I get a better picture outside too, but, I don't have a fancy camera so I guess it's okay. I've noticed that outside isn't that great for me either sometimes.

Ila said...

The clown looks Fabulous!! Lots of dimension here. And this photo looks Great!!
I hope Hubby is better soon....Take Care!!...Hugs, Ila

Bunny-Zoe's Blog said...

Gorgeous card Michelle, love the bright colours and the embossed panel, Your colouring is fabulous, Hugs, Nikki x

Dianne said...

I love that you make money selling your cards on ebay!! They are always awesome and this is no exception. I have a hard time taking a pix inside and always do it outside. What will we do when winter hits!!
That's gotta be tough on your husb with the work that he does! I'd love to give him some weight if I could!!
Love, your Blob Buddy

Loreen said...

I cannot decide which card I like better - Prismas or Copics =) Your coloring is magical!

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