Sunday, August 17, 2008

A very un-fun Sunday

Hope you all are having a terrific weekend!! I've had a few bumps in mine. Nothing major, just irritations, but it seems like they all happen at once! My email froze up on me yesterday, out of the blue. I have Incredimail, & I've had it for years with no problem. For some reason yesterday when I opened it, it not only froze but it froze up everything else. I had to do a hard shut down. Not once, but many times as I tried to figure out the problem. I'm probably completely ruining my laptop by doing that, but there's no other way when it's frozen! Then I decided I was just going to use Outlook, but I can't get my files, messages & addresses from IM because I CAN'T GET INTO IT!! So.....if you've emailed me lately, that's why I haven't emailed you back ~~ I probably can't get to the message! I *can* go to Roadrunner's home page & get my mail that way, but that still doesn't give me my old messages or my address book. ***sigh*** I've been Googling away trying to find an answer as to how to fix this, if you have any ideas bring 'em on!!!

My cat has also been giving me fits this weekend. He's diabetic, & has been for over 5 years. He gets 2 shots of insulin a day, plus I home test him. I recently took him off dry food (which is bad bad bad for cats!!) & he now gets high protein, low carb canned food. Because of this, I've had to refigure his insulin dosage so I basically had to start over. He got pretty low yesterday ~~ not to the hypoglycemic point, but I was pretty anxious about it. Plus he scratched his chin raw & I'm not sure what to do about that. It's a full moon. Did you know that can affect diabetic cats numbers & behavior???

Anyway, I redid my clown card from the other day ~~ it was bothering me. I'm still also trying to figure out the quirks of my camera ~~ why it's suddenly giving me blurry pictures after taking perfectly clear pictures for so long. Seems every aspect of my life is a mystery lately, lol!!!! I will post my "redo", even though it's essentially the same card, just colored a different way, as soon as I can get a good picture & as soon as everything else around here is back to normal!! LOL!!

Hope YOU have a good Sunday!!!!!


Dianne said...

I hope your week has gone better Michelle! I don't come close to your amazing coloring ability but I think I have you beat in the gardening department :) I think I got it from my Grandma. My mother can't grow a weed but my Grandma could grow anything and it's been a good year for the garden here in Michigan!!
As far as cats, our cat loves to puke all over the house. I always cross my fingers it won't be on ribbon or cardstock! Why does it always have to be on the only carpet in the house and not on the tile or wood floor????
Love, Blob Buddy

Debbi said...

Michelle, I too use incredimail. I had it freeze up on me when windows did an upgrade. You may have to go to add and remove programs and see what may have upgraded in the time it went bonkers and uninstall it. Hope that helps! Debbi

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