Saturday, August 2, 2008

Happy Birthday, Grandma!

Hello everyone & happy Saturday!! I got most of my "party" duties done, & we have an hour before we have to leave for the baseball game so I'm ahead of schedule!! That almost never happens!!

We are having Michael's birthday party tomorrow, but it's also my grandma's 89th birthday!! We are very close ~ I don't have any other grandparents so I always tell her she has to live to be 150!! Last year she was in the hospital on her birthday, so this year is extra special. Sadly, with all the goings-on of late, I didn't have time to make her a birthday card, but I found this one in my stash which I know she'll love:

This cute mouse is from Whipper Snapper. I had sent this plus 2 other cards in for their spring contest this year. None of them won :( But I know my grandma will love it ~~ I made the inside extra special just for her!! I colored the mouse with Prisma pencils & Gamsol, & added Twinkling H2O's on the goodies. The background is stamped with an Inky Antics stamp ~ I think it's called "Chocolate Treats". I added Crystal Effects to his nose & the cherry on top.

Thank you to all of you who have e-mailed me about my hubby. He's doing a bit better since having the Upper GI yesterday. When the doctor called me after he was done, he said there was a TON of food stuck in his esophagus. Ewwww ~~ gross, but I'm sure that's what's been causing all the pain in his stomach & chest. They think he has something called Achalasia of the esophagus. It's very rare ~ apparently none of the nurses that assisted had ever seen a case of it. Basically, the muscles of his esophagus aren't working, so the food isn't going down as it should. He is on a liquid diet until he sees the doctor again, at which time they'll perform a manometry. They will stick a tube down his nose, & he will swallow several times. This measures muscle contractions in different parts of the esophagus. This will determine whether or not it IS achalasia. They also did a biopsy, so hopefully all of that will come back okay. Treatment would be either medication, which is the easiest but is inconvenient & doesn't always work, dilation, or surgery. We will know more after his appointment, which isn't for another week & a half.

And we're going to State Fair next week!! Poor guy can't have anything fried or on a stick. He must have shed a tear or two, because the doctor did okay a cream puff :)


Laurie in MN said...

Happy birthday to your Grandma and Michael.

I am so glad to hear your DH has a doctor who is aggressively searching for answers to your husband's medical problem.

I grew up in South Milwaukee and loved attending the Wi State Fair. I always hit the baked potato vendor. Have fun at the fair.

Niki Estes said...

Your card is adorable! Happy Birthday to Michael and your grandma! Glad they are getting somewhere with your husband and hope he is feeling better soon.

Valerie said...

how adorable this card is and that little mouse!!

Dianne said...

Hi Michelle,
I hope everything is going well with your hubby and that he is getting some answers.
Your card is as always adorable!!
I remember going to the Wisc State Fair when I was little. I was actually born in Madison and have most of my relatives in Wisc. The only thing I remember about the fair is my uncle getting into a huge argument with one of the game people because he thought they were scamming the thing :) Nice memory!!! We will be going to Cheese Days in Monroe next month so bring on the cheese and beer!!! Love going to Wisc :)
Your blob buddy

Lim said...

Beautiful,beautiful,beautiful. I have this stamp and I love it so much. This card is stunning. Your coloring is so perfect, so alive. I love it!!

Ila said...

I hope Grandma had a Happy Birthday! The card you made is just the Cutest!!! Gorgeous coloring and perfect details!!!
My Mom is 89..but her 90th birthday is coming up Nov will be time to party!!
Glad your hubby is getting treatment and I hope he is all better soon..

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