Friday, August 1, 2008

The best dip in the world!

And I'm not talking about me!!! Although I am feeling a little "dippy" this week, with all that's going on. I am taking my hubby into the hospital at 11:30 today, then running about 1,000 errands for Michael's party on Sunday. As I was making my list of things to do/make/buy, I thought it would be fun to share how I make my chip dip. It's got to be better than listening to me drone on about icky medical stuff!!

This recipe came about in our family a couple of years ago, when my aunt's friends had a gathering at their house. I was floored by how good it was, & equally floored by how easy it was to make!


Softened cream cheese
~ I am using 4 tubs for Sunday's party, but it depends on how much you want to make :)

Grated onion ~ sometimes I'll just chop it real fine instead. Heck, if I'm *really* lazy I'll just add Onion Powder instead!!

A wee bit of milk ~ again, it depends on the amount of cream cheese you're using, & how soft/stiff you like your dip.

Blend together with a mixer. Keep adding milk ~ a little at a time ~~ until you get the consistency you like. You *can* eat it right away, but it's better after it's been refrigerated a while. I will make the dip tomorrow, so it's all yummy ready for Sunday. But take it out in time to let it soften up a bit, or you're going to have a lot of broken chips in the dip, lol!!

So that's my fabulous gourmet recipe for the day! I'm all about simple, but sometimes the simplest things taste the best!!! Trust me, this dip is so yummy, you will want to make more right away!!! And I would love to share more "simple" recipes with you in the future. One of my favorite magazines is, in fact, called "Simple & Delicious" ~~ it's published right here in Wisconsin & I just love it!!

OK, I'm off to start my busy day!! Thank you again for all the prayers & good thoughts you all have been sending our way!!! I will let you know later what they find!! Happy Friday!!


Dianne said...

Ok.... I can't wait to try this... I believe that cream cheese is one of God's gifts :) However, I won't be trying until I have an occassion to do it for!! I would eat the whole thing. Sounds too easy!!
Your blob buddy

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