Wednesday, July 30, 2008

In limbo......

Hi everyone!! Sorry for the lack of posts! Sheesh, I start a blog then disappear!! I apologize but as you may know I have a very sick hubby I'm trying to tend to, plus take care of all my other "duties". I finished painting Matthew's room, now we're working on putting everything back. He has 5 Rubbermaid bins of "stuff" he needs to put back, but he has golf camp this week so he hasn't been home much to help me. I moved all his furniture yesterday ~~ twice, because I tried rearranging & it didn't work out so I had to move it back. Guess I should have measured first, lol. Anyway, I'm definitely feeling it today!!! We're having Michael's birthday party on Sunday so I'm also trying to get ready for that. We'll be gone Saturday at a baseball game so I'm trying to cram everything into the next couple of days.

My hubby did go to Urgent Care on Monday. He wasn't able to get in to the regular doctor until yesterday, so he asked me to take him to UC. He *must* be feeling bad if he actually asked to go!! They took "a gallon of blood" but didn't do much else, considering he was there for 3 hours. They didn't even scope his throat. They did, however, scope the other end, lol. Diagnosis? Reflux. Well, DUH!!!!! We *know* he has reflux!!!! But there is something else wrong, he hasn't eaten solid foods for 4 days. He's lost 30 pounds. His BP was extremely low. He tried to go to work today, but had to come home. He told his boss he has to take off the rest of the week. He did go see the doctor yesterday, & they ordered an Upper GI. He will be having that done on Friday. So, we are in limbo. He still can't eat, he still hurts, but we will know nothing more until Friday. Please continue to think good thoughts for us!! And I promise I will get back to stamping soon!!!


Delicate Designs by Shelly said...

Wow Michelle! I hope things get better for your hubby. I hate it when they can't figure out what's wrong with you, so they tell you what you already know. Sheesh!

Take your time and we'd love to see pics of the finished room now that it's done! ;)

Ila said...

I hope everything works out okay and they find and fix whatever is ailing your hubby.
The room sounds like it is coming are one busy gal.
You Take Care too..during this very stressful time!!

Dianne said...

Hi Michelle,
Thinking good thoughts for your hubby... You always know when men are sick when they actually ask to go to the doctor.
Don't forget to take time for yourself!!!
Your blob buddy

Laurie in MN said...

I hope your doctor sends your husband to a specialist so the problem can be quickly diagnosed. Waiting for test results is so stressful.

Niki Estes said...

Hope you get some answers soon, Michell, and that he starts feeling better! Hugs!

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