Monday, November 24, 2008

Well, well, well...

Lookie what I woke up to this morning!!

Not an unusual sight in Wisconsin, of course, except it was bone dry yesterday & I had no idea they were predicting snow!! I was gone all day yesterday & didn't watch the news, nor did I read the paper, so it was a surprise to me!! OF COURSE our snowblower won't start, & since my hubby is still laid up guess who had to shovel this pretty white stuff!!!! I keep telling myself it's good exercise!!

Oh what a long day it was yesterday!!! The Lego League competition was fun, exhausting, & unfortunately for our team, it's over. They didn't make it to State. But we also had one of the youngest teams, & not one person on our team, including the coaches, had ever done this before. The FLL is for 4th-8th graders, & a lot of the older teams are the ones going to State. But I can't tell you how proud I am. They did a fantastic job, their teamwork was amazing, & they all want to do it again next year!

I had a lot of emails asking me what Lego League is all about. Here is their website ~ check it out!!! If your child will be in 4th - 8th grade next year, they can join!! If you don't have a team at your school, start one!! It is such a great experience for the kids! They learn all about automation, robots & engineering. Every year LL comes out with a theme ~~ this year's was "Climate Connection". The team has to do a research project, & they have to build & program a robot to do the given missions. Points are given for each mission completed. The teams all sign up for a competition date, when they compete against other schools. Some will go on to State, & there's even a National competition. I am so glad Matthew wanted to join, & that he wants to do it again next year. Here are a few pictures:

Our coach & 2 of the kids during one of their rounds (I didn't have permission from the parents to post these, which is why the kids faces are blurred).

Here are all the teams gathering at the end, for the awards ceremony.

And here is Matthew in front of the poster board they created for the research project. There is a flooding problem in one of our local subdivisions, & they came up with a way to control it.

If you have any questions, let me know. I am so excited about this program, & can't wait until we can do it again next year! Yes, it's a lot of work, & it's very intense. But it's soooo worth it!!

Hopefully now I will have some time to visit my old friends, Stamps & Ink. They've been sorely neglected these past few weeks, & I'm afraid if I ignore them any longer, they are going to pack their bags & leave!! Have a great Monday!!


Anonymous said...

Michelle... you are back. I am so glad you had fun. SNOOOOWWWWW. Yuck. It looks so pretty. Thanks for sharing. I will send you some sun to melt it. Hope you have time to stamp today.

Denise (peanutbee) said...

Oh yeah, snow is pretty...until it's time to go clean the driveway! Ugh!

Ila said... beat us in the Snow department.....we have a layer that seems to be staying here...but not a real big windfall yet!
I'm glad the Lego competition was so much fun. Sounds like a Wonderful group! Thanks for sharing the photos. My boys were so into lego when they were young...brings back lots of great memories....Hugs, Ila

Tammi said...

I love the snow! Would you send some this way please! :) We got a few flakes on Saturday, but nothing that stuck, bummer. It looks so pretty there.

Pam SCS-"craftea19" said...

Brrrrr! It makes me cold just looking at all that snow. I grew up in the blizzards of Ohio winters. Now living in Alabama I can handle the cold anymore! I am now spoiled! We never get below 0, hardly ever hit the teens. You will apprectiate this Michelle, When it snows down south, EVERYTHING closes down even at the prediction of snow! Everyone runs out and buys bread, milk, firewood, batteries, lamp oil, charcol etc! To be fair to my beloved southerns, the snow down here is really wet and heavy, which causes power lines to break and freeze. Plus all the country roads get awful slippery without salt to put on them! No snow clear trucks here!LOL!
Your boys are adorable. Looks like too much fun!
May you and yours have a wonderful, God blessed holiday!

Tori Wild said...

I haven't been here forever-- girl, you've been BUSY!!! :) Yuck on the snow, but I was excited to see the pics on the Lego competition!! We don't have anything like that around here!! Looks like fun!

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