Sunday, October 4, 2009

High Hopes challenge #47

Hello all!! Welcome to another Sunday!! I didn't get around to making my card for the High Hopes challenge yet, due to all the sickness in the house, but I wanted to share with you what it is. Our challenge this week is "Lotsa Layers".....doh!!!!!! Sooooo up my alley & I couldn't get a card made yet??? Well, I'll be sure to do one this week! Heck, ALL my cards have a lot of layers so I simply must join in!!

Meanwhile, be sure to take a gander at all the Divas cards HERE. They are just delightful!! And a big welcome to our 2 new guest designers Michelle & Jeannette!! How fun to have you playing along with us!!!

So what are your plans for today?? I *have* to get Matthew a hair cut....he's starting to look like Cousin Itt....& we have to start our wreath selling for Cub Scouts.'s chilly today.....the last thing I want to do is walk around knocking on our neighbors doors!! We also have to finish up Michael's homework from last, there sure is a lot for just 1st grade!!

Today is my hubby's birthday so Happy Birthday Rob!! He is 41 today, & unfortunately he is down & out on the couch.....he said he feels so miserable. He must, because he *was* supposed to go duck hunting. To miss hunting, a man's gotta be reallllly sick. No temp, but he said his head is going to explode. Hmm.......sounds like what Michael had!!! And he wasn't the one that slept with the little sickie, *I* did!! I was going to make a fabulous meat loaf & potatoes dinner tonight....guess I'll put that on hold until he's feeling better!!!

Oh, & a disclaimer...............I was kidding about helping me with my mortgage!!! My readers are the best, lol!! I had so many people emailing me to see if they could send money!! Some said they wished they could, but things were tight with them as well. Oh my goodness, I would never take money from you guys!!!!!!! Thank you for the thought, but I thought the evil smiley I posted indicated I was joking!!!!!! I'm sorry!! We are not close to losing our house......I was just trying to get across how desperate I've become in my job search, & how long it's been!! Really!! We're fine!!!!! No more solicitation on my blog....kidding or not!!! LOL!!!!! But thank you anyway :)

One more thing......don't forget that you can preorder the Stampavie Penny Johnson, the new Whiff of Joy, & the Magnolia Spooky collection at 7 Kids College Fund.......she has terrific prices & service!!!

Hope you all have a fabulous week!! I sure hope I can fit some stamping in *somewhere*!!!!!!


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