Friday, October 2, 2009


There's nothing like a nice quiet Friday evening, especially after the week we've had here in the Petermann household!! I have no card to show you....I have spent most of my week dealing with a sick child. And it was the scary kind of sick. The very high fever that just wouldn't go away. I can handle just about anything sick-wise......but please don't give my babies fevers!! Michael's fever was 101.5 on Wednesday, so I had him sleep with me. A few hours after going to bed, it rose to 103.7!! I was terrified....& while he slept I stayed awake...staring at him.....the WHOLE I was daring that fever to go any higher. I was sure we were going to end up in the ER, but it did finally come down. Today he was fine to go back to school. But guess what....that's right....the school nurse called at 10:00 to say Michael was in the health room complaining of a headache. And she saw spots on his throat. So off to the dr we went. No strep, thank goodness, but he still has the sinus infection from 2 weeks ago. So more meds.....more rest....but hopefully no more fevers!!!

Thanks for the emails asking about that job I interviewed for!! Yes, it's been a while & no, I haven't heard anything. They did tell me they'd let me know either way so I'm still holding out hope. Meanwhile I've had a couple of other possible opportunities pop up.....still working on's hard to concentrate on networking/job searching when your baby is so sick!! But I'd better find something soon......or like I told a friend today we'll soon be living in that lovely Toyota Sienna of ours. It's nice, but it doesn't have a shower! If you'd like to help us out by paying our mortgage this month, please email me for our Paypal address Free Smiley Courtesy of

Since I wanted to share *something* today.....I chose to show you a couple of pictures of my mom's kitten she just got. He's 6 months old.....a medium hair orange tabby (can you tell we LOVE tabbies in this family??)....& he's a pistol!! Petey is her other tabby on the right, & she got the kitten in hopes of getting the other one some exercise. She calls him his personal trainer. Yeah, you can see they're getting LOTS of exercise!!

But isn't it cute how they've bonded??? She's only had him a few weeks....this picture was actually taken the 3rd day she had him so you can see they became fast friends!

Oh, to be a cat.......

I also wanted to share a pic of my gorgeous asters which are in full bloom at the moment. The whole plant is about 3 feet around's huge!! As all my other plants are dying, I love to look out my front window & see this beauty staring back at me.

Ok, well none of this was craft related but I always feel like I have to explain myself when I'm absent for a few days, lol. I really have been busy.....just not in the stamping room!! Hopefully sometime this weekend I can sneak in some time, in between selling wreaths (cub scouts), homework (tons for Michael!) & trying to finish up all the outside work. Right now I'm going to snuggle with my baby & watch some good ole Zack & Cody, lol! I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!


Elaine M said...

We just like to hear from you - crafting or personal - doesn't matter. You're family and we care
Elaine Moore

Cheryl said...

Love your photos, Michelle! Sorry can't help with the mortgage, I work to pay my own! Good luck with the job!

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