Saturday, April 9, 2011

Easter blasts from the past

Hello & happy weekend, my faithful readers!!

Thank you so much for sticking with me during this "down" time --- for sending me messages of encouragement --& for being there with a virtual shoulder for me to cry on. It has been a tough 2 weeks. I am finally to the point that I am not crying every minute --- -but I am still very sad & feel like I will never get over losing Jake. But hearing your stories of pet loss has helped me immensely. I know I said I would never get another, but it's kind of up to Elwood. He's eating ok, but he keeps sniffing the places Jake used to hang out -- then he kind of looks around. It breaks my heart. When he starts walking around crying, that might be the time to consider a friend for him. But who knows --at 15 he may just enjoy being an "only child" with all the hugs & kisses just for him.

Anyway, I have not been feeling very creative at all. It took me quite a while to even come down to my craft table, because right here is where Jake spent his final weeks, curled up in his bed. Now I am here, but my mind is blank. I'm trying to get some cards listed on Etsy --but it's a struggle to even finish the insides. Sure wish I would just do that when I do the card, lol....but usually by that time I'm sick of looking at the papers so I just move on to the next card.

Since I didn't want another card-less post, I thought I would share a couple of Easter cards I made last year. Doesn't look like I'll get any done for this year!

This first one was a custom order on Etsy. Generally I don't do custom orders. But she was a regular customer so I obliged. Well guess what --she didn't like it!! I changed it a couple of times, hoping to make it just how she wanted it, but after my last message to her with the 3rd change, I never heard from her again. THAT IS WHY I HATE CUSTOM ORDERS!!!!!

By the time she decided she didn't like it & ignored my messages attempting to fix it so she WOULD like it, it was too late. So it sat here on my table for a year & I just listed it again a few weeks ago. Well one of my lovely regulars bought it (thank you Shannon!!!) so now it has a new home, thank goodness!! I was a wee sick of looking at it, lol

I do, however, have another Easter card using the same image in my Etsy shop right now. Click HERE to get to the listing.

Can you tell this High Hopes bunny is one of my favorites? In fact, in trying to get back into the creative groove, I have been going through all my High Hopes rubber. I was on the dt for a couple of years, so I have just about every Crissy stamp made!! I know, I'm very lucky! I love the new High Hopes stamps, but I will always treasure these older ones. They always put a smile on my face. So probably the next card I make ....if I can get to that point..... will be a fun HH card!!

Now to get on with the weekend! Not sure what the plan is, I'm so behind on *everything*. Laundry & cleaning ---bleah ---- catching up on the farm (did you know there's an English farm now too??? 2 FARMS!! Yeesh!) --- & just hanging out with my kids. Hope you have a fabulous weekend, & thanks again for hanging around!


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